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Larry Lawton

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Ex Jewel Thief Larry Lawton explains five unwritten rules of a Police Traffic Stop. New drivers, those with a driver's permit or learner's permit pay attention. Larry's suggestions on what to do and what not to while driving may come in handy in an actual police traffic stop - even for potential DUI.
Larry's advice on dealing with police is just advice - do what you think is right but consider larry's words carefully. Check out all of the other "Untold Stories" on our Playlists.
Ex Jewel Thief Larry Lawton spent 11 years in prison and now helps people make better decisions and fights for prison reform. #Lawton #Prison #Mob
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I do not condone any of the negative behavior described. I have learned from the mistakes I have made and do not wish for anyone to recreate or attempt any of the events described.

Larry Lawton
Larry Lawton 4 kuukautta sitten
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Dunnit Again
Dunnit Again 12 päivää sitten
In Australia, you must blow, if you choose not to, you'll be arrested and breathalyzed at the station If you refuse again, you must give a blood sample
Dunnit Again
Dunnit Again 12 päivää sitten
Larry, I don't blame you, but I think you're paranoid My ex jail friends are paranoid too, but they abuse drugs I'm in Australia though, I know the cops there are much worse than here
Josh Link
Josh Link Uukausi sitten
Your a badass Larry Lawton.
Mike Brannon
Mike Brannon Uukausi sitten
First tip is my favorite. This is an old trick to get people to incriminate themselves. Let’s say you were doing 75 in a 55. “You know how fast you were going?” “Uh... 66?” Even though you are lying to make it seem better, you’ve just incriminated yourself. You told the cop you were breaking the law. Forget any kind of acquittal at that point. You’ve just convicted yourself, genius. Provide your license, insurance and registration but do NOT answer questions. When he asks how fast you were going, wait until he answers the question himself. The cop is not your buddy. He’s trying to gather the ammo to convict you. Because he has to justify the stop. Don’t be belligerent, do not argue. Take the ticket and fight it in court. And even if it turns out you can’t, that beats just instantly talking yourself into conviction or (worse) causing an escalation. Playing curbside lawyer NEVER works and is just gonna piss off the cop. And it will just make things worse later when you DO go to court.
Mike Brannon
Mike Brannon Uukausi sitten
Also, never tell the cops “you know your rights.” This phrase is almost invariably said by crackpots who do not understand their rights or RADICALLY overestimate what their rights are when dealing with police. That line isn’t going to scare the cops, it will just prove to them they’ve got a moron who is out of touch with reality. If you really know your rights, show them. “I know my rights” is about as effective as “IM NOT CRAZY!!”
MrCount Päivä sitten
Been binge watching your videos the whole day. Looking forward to getting my book order shipped!
benz500r 2 päivää sitten
Larry, people get screwed by the cops in public. That's not going to help anyone. Cops know that they get away with a lot of things, even the courts protect crooked cops. I know people may not believe that, but they would NOT act like that if they knew they were going to be held accountable.
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith 2 päivää sitten
Some advice does depend on. Juristiction,. Here failing to provide a specimen of breath is a specific offence. Its automatically considered a fail resulting in you being arrested. Judges also treat it much more harshly than being slightly over the limit (taking the difference between a 6m driving ban and 2 year ban)
Bryan Hurdle
Bryan Hurdle 3 päivää sitten
Wasn't the Buick Skylark confused in My Cousin Vinny
RodCornholio 3 päivää sitten
Some very smart advice in this video.
Dj DOM 5 päivää sitten
I'm interested in what you said about the breathalyzer. When I was (rightfully so) stopped for a DWI in Ventnor NJ , I failed the field test, was brought to the station where I blew over the legal limit, and spent the night in a holding cell. They took my car keys, my shoes, and even my belt. I lost my liscence for 7 months. Had to get rid of the car because as a consequence, the insurance became unaffordable. This was 5 years ago and I still don't drive to this day. I'm just curious.. would things be different for me now had I _not_ complied with the law..and refused the field test and breathalyzer?
Everyone'sfavoritelittecandian #Worldwide
Everyone'sfavoritelittecandian #Worldwide 6 päivää sitten
Respect for you Larry ✊ hope ur staying safe from the pandemic, Love your vids
Johnny 666
Johnny 666 7 päivää sitten
Jesus H Christ! Why waste 60 words when 6000 will do! PS: And no, I would not say this to his face!
Holly Chandler
Holly Chandler 8 päivää sitten
I recall being oveseas and riding a motorbike without a international licence in Phuket and you get pulled over by the cops. You pay them cash on the spot. Its how they do it over there. Then they just watch you hop back on your bike and go off into the sunset. Corruption at its finest.
The King Viper
The King Viper 7 päivää sitten
Not curruption...Actually thats less currupt than getting arrested and getting sent to jail when you think about it.
Elizabeth Borden
Elizabeth Borden 8 päivää sitten
Larry, if it's a suspected DUI in my state they can take you to the hospital and get your blood drawn forcefully.
KitSnap 9 päivää sitten
Y009:57 Yeah a Dashcam can save your life, it's a safety net.
Dylan Hardy
Dylan Hardy 9 päivää sitten
Body cams..?
Dave Chef
Dave Chef 10 päivää sitten
No Larry! All cops ARE like that. Stop being so nice. Cops are the worst. Their job is to facilitate townships taking your money or to arrest you! They give no fucks.
good carlisle
good carlisle 10 päivää sitten
Absolutely brother! That is how you build your community. You build morale, welfare, and well being of all good people who want to progress. Let them know you are always there to support and take care of them. The bad seeds will be known and we will work together as a community to correct them.
T Jo
T Jo 11 päivää sitten
I LOVE listening to you! God bless you...
Barbara Carroll
Barbara Carroll 12 päivää sitten
3k more subs and youll be at a million. Ive been your sub since 18k just wanted to say thank you for the great content @Larry Lawton
sparrow west
sparrow west 12 päivää sitten
dude, Larry I grew up in a crack neighborhood and hated cops forever but then got a little older and kind of saw what they go through. But I still have that fear. You give such a meaningful two sides four sides 18 sides to the whole concept of what it is to be a human. Loving you man.
Jake Barber
Jake Barber 13 päivää sitten
Bro Larry is so smart. The ideas of how to avoid civilian to officer contact are genius
Jake Barber
Jake Barber 13 päivää sitten
Get a Dash Cam with audio.I feel safer
Grim Phonic
Grim Phonic 15 päivää sitten
"That's fireworks" lol.
JackSpeed 439
JackSpeed 439 15 päivää sitten
What a waste of tax money. All those police wasting time for nothing, bunch of losers.
Ember Rain
Ember Rain 15 päivää sitten
Better play the lead role Larry 😜
nate smith
nate smith 16 päivää sitten
And dont resist u will catch and extra charge
Chris Katz
Chris Katz 16 päivää sitten
I saw a man go get life for a tail light. Milton florida. Nothing sadder than seeing a man scream to his family and the court that he didn't do anything. I agree, they shouldn't be stopping people
Scott Crawford
Scott Crawford 16 päivää sitten
My wife got pulled over near St Louis a couple years ago. She swerved a little bit on the freeway. The cop put her in the passenger seat of his cruiser leaving her child in the backseat of her car. He said that the stretch of road was a hot spot for drug trafficking and performed a sobriety test on her in his cruiser. At some point, he makes the comment "single mom, huh?" I think it's obvious what he was up to. He let her go without anything else but she was scared. I know that not ACAB.. but definitely feel that SCAB "Some cops are bastards".
supatotenkopf88 16 päivää sitten
Your advice is encouraging criminals.
Robert Williams
Robert Williams 19 päivää sitten
My boys and I were hanging out one night and stopped at a convenience store. This was about '77. I was driving, my boy Darrell was on the passenger side in the front. Two friends got out from the back and went into store. The place was robbed as were sitting in the car and the two other friends were in the store. Anything could have happened that night. The cops flew into the parking lot and one parked right next to us on the passenger side. It was weird, Gene came out of the store and said he was standing behind the guy who did it. He said that he saw the guy throw his money onto the counter and the money fell onto the floor at the feet of the cashier. At just that moment Gene turned around and went back for another item. What he didn't see was that when the cashier bent over to pick up the money from the floor, the criminal reached over and pushed the cashier down and grabbed the money out of the register. Picture four young brothers 17 and 18 years old on the scene of a robbery and we have no idea of what just took place. That was a close call. Had there been some hyper-reaction from the cops on our appearance and proximity to the crime that night, things could have been very different.
chitown017 19 päivää sitten
Here in AZ if you refuse a breath test you can be arrested for a thing called "non compliance"
ken wishart
ken wishart 20 päivää sitten
love your channel, great insight, but your not stealing my jewels. ha ha ha ha
Brian Cuprisin
Brian Cuprisin 21 päivä sitten
FYI, different traffic stop laws (how much or if you need to roll down the window, etc) vary by state. Research your own state's laws.
Nick Hewitt
Nick Hewitt 21 päivä sitten
Harmony...I think my son wrestled there somewhere a couple of times a year! Be kool Larry 😎
P M 22 päivää sitten
😂😂😂That’s fireworks that actually reassured me I thought people were getting shot.😂😂😂
Scott Didonato
Scott Didonato 23 päivää sitten
I love what you're doing Larry. Thanks dude. Happy to say I've been practicing most of this stuff. Around here though, if a cop sees you touch your phone before you pull over, its definitely bad. "Hands free only" is what they go by...I do think some kind of recording device is a great idea. Maybe something that activates with one touch...is there something like that? Thanks again. You're doing a good thing. ☆
Ed G
Ed G 23 päivää sitten
Never ever run, even if you think you may have done something wrong. In your case you knew you hadn't so just stick around. In my younger days I was questioned about five times, two times they were really looking for the bad guys, just in the wrong place at the wrong time, sounds like where you were. I have never been in trouble, not even a moving violation, knock on wood. Just remember, never ever run, lawyers are around just in case you do need them.
Brandon Oley
Brandon Oley 23 päivää sitten
Larry I just started watching your FIpost channel and is amazing. But larry some states that have police body cams they will actually turn there body cams off. That's scary to say but that's happened to me and I'm in Michigan even State Police does this they will actually turn it off.
Yinka Hansen
Yinka Hansen 24 päivää sitten
Brevard, countdown County.
dzrt goat
dzrt goat 25 päivää sitten
The rules of engagement on the cops are almost the same even for what I do
Brent Gould
Brent Gould 25 päivää sitten
"Its gonna be very educational"
Buster Biloxi
Buster Biloxi 25 päivää sitten
"I met Dennis at the Denny's". How come it's always fast food with you people? (Disclaimer: I LOVE Denny's.
Brad G
Brad G 25 päivää sitten
Police work for the privately ran prison system in a lot of states. We need peace officers. But they need to stop enforcing victimless crimes. No victim, no crime!
Heinz Krupps
Heinz Krupps 25 päivää sitten
This video needs to be standard viewing for all citizens!! ❤
showtime951 25 päivää sitten
Great advice to all involved parties. It's about respect. Respect for yourself AND respect for everyone else when you go out in the world. It's also about empathy and building rapport. You can make life easier for yourself or harder. It's often up to you!
Buddy Parker
Buddy Parker 26 päivää sitten
I think in our country the reason why the police do want to see what's in the car and don't go the route of just sending tickets in the mail is because through the 60s - 90s there were a lot of prolific people caught, serial killers, etc.. because of traffic stops. I am not saying I agree 100% but that's their justification and why cops have that mindset to see what else may be in the car or what you're up to. I do agree though that it would be a lot safer for everyone if they employed another solution for very minor infractions... anyway thanks for the video lots of good stuff here and I like what you're doing with the channel you've got a subscription from me.
Robert Westerman
Robert Westerman 27 päivää sitten
I got pulled over in a small municipality at 2 AM years back ,,( Driving my 67 SS Chevelle ) one pulls behind , minute later 2 more , then another in the front , then another to my drivers side , being a 20 year old smart ass , I stepped out of the car and said “ Cmon guys , there’s 5 of you here . Who is watching the rest of the town ? That remark cost me 250.00 plus costs in a mayors court . All for a 24.00 speeding ticket . The year. ? 1975 .
Corbin Matthew
Corbin Matthew 27 päivää sitten
Excellent video and great advice
Jason Craig
Jason Craig 27 päivää sitten
Then that is the time you realize you have been "pulled over" by Jeremy Dewitt and Metro State
Toxic ass Wabbit
Toxic ass Wabbit 28 päivää sitten
Never seen a cop stop a junkie when their truck be overflowing with junk
fiftyhunnug 29 päivää sitten
I wouldn't recommend recording them. In FL, recording them actually falls under a bullshit illegal wiretapping law. You can't just record their voices. it would get thrown out in a courtroom.
Scoobz187 28 päivää sitten
But you can inform them at the beginning of the traffic stop that you´re going to record the stop for your, and the deputy, officer, whatevers security. It only is legal if you dont advice before recording.
Isaac Shepard
Isaac Shepard 29 päivää sitten
God bless u and your family my brother. Love the show love the stories
Nick Koroly
Nick Koroly Uukausi sitten
Larry is the man. Love listening to him!
M G Uukausi sitten
Awesome advice and content, just found and subscribed to your channel. Keep it up thanks Larry 👍
Tj Miron
Tj Miron Uukausi sitten
Thanks Larry. Keep making the change Bro. Peace
Isaac Cogswell
Isaac Cogswell Uukausi sitten
I remeber back when i was 17 i was pulled over for like 3-4 months straight at least once a week for some random stupid reason just so they could try and catch me with something.
Jeffrey Valentine
Jeffrey Valentine Uukausi sitten
But dont say GUN in glovebox or whatever say firearm, if rookie cop is on the passenger side he'll freak at hearing gun.
Kathleen Huff
Kathleen Huff Uukausi sitten
My opinion ALL Police should be required to watch this Documentary as part of their training.. fipost.info/show/videot/lM-Zpnyjl4OvpHg.html
Teresa Thomley
Teresa Thomley Uukausi sitten
The police act like an occupying army a bit too much. Just saying.
Michael White
Michael White Uukausi sitten
If go pros would be used properly by police it would be good
Bryan Tatem
Bryan Tatem Uukausi sitten
Wow! That's very interesting. Bullshit pull overs are asking for trouble. One of the biggest issues is exaggerated call in too. Shit like he "may have a gun" turns a domestic nothing into guns drawn. Can't argue with this talk. At all.
CV M Uukausi sitten
Biggest no-no: don't give them any information, it will all used against you. Just don't answer, you have no idea. Let your lawyer do it.
Cory Sanchez
Cory Sanchez Uukausi sitten
I had cop tell more often when they say do the alphabet backwards more often their hoping u say "i couldnt do that sober" and boom u just addmited ur under the infulence they got u
Circe Čiernová
Circe Čiernová Uukausi sitten
Before smartphones were everywhere, I spent a while in Detroit playing video games with a buddy. On the way home, I had a traffic stop where Canton cops insisted the 'only' reason I'd be on that road at night was to move drugs. Tore my poor Olds apart, got real excited about my (rolled) cigs until they realized they really were just tobacco. Cops got real frustrated there weren't any drugs, and while I was bent over my car (minus my jacket and boots in 30⁰ weather), they struck me in the back and caused ongoing spinal issues. I noticed when I looked at their cars that not one was pointed at me or my car - sons of bitches knew what they were about and wanted a chance to hurt someone. Phones, body cams, it's bringing to the forefront a very nasty undercurrent that's been allowed to rot away any residual value of policing over decades of corruption and abuse.
Dwayne Novak
Dwayne Novak Uukausi sitten
A female officer Dicks was her last name like a bulldike
Dwayne Novak
Dwayne Novak Uukausi sitten
Larry when I was in Brevard county I was in a cell with two other guys & three other guys guys sleeping on floors on the tables you eat on crazy
Jay Strock
Jay Strock Uukausi sitten
A couple years ago I was drinking at a local bar with a friend on my birthday. I had several drinks from 4 pm to 10 pm. On the way home I decided to go fast up this hill near my house. A cop was up there and I got pulled over for speeding. He asked me how much I had to drink. I said 1. He made me blow, and went back to his car. He came back and gave me a ticket for 63 in a 45. I asked what I blew. He said he thought I had more than 1 drink. I blew a .04, half the legal limit. He could of cut me a break because I had no tickets since 1984. If he could of cut me a 3 mile an hour break that would have really helped me out. But no, he was an ass.
Thomas Lavallo
Thomas Lavallo Uukausi sitten
That happened to my grandma with the plate light and it’s bs because only one was on but it was bright enough to see the whole plate tho
Perry Love
Perry Love Uukausi sitten
States all have different "duty to inform" laws regarding weapons. Some states, you're required to notify a LEO upon official contact - they have contacted you in an official capacity - generally does not apply to consensual contact. Most states you have the duty to inform when a LEO specifically asks you. The only time I'll generally inform the officer, is if he's going to run across it and I want them to know I have a permit, and about it BEFORE they see a gun and draw down on me (or shoot me with their nervous trigger fingers) - but other than that, it's not in the same spot as my registration / etc so they have exactly 0 reason to know I'm armed.
Erander Uukausi sitten
As a european I'd say better blow if needed, because if you don't here they write that you are heavily drunk anyways, that means you are even more screwed than if you blew little bit
Jay Smith
Jay Smith Uukausi sitten
You got out on my wedding anniversary gang gang
Steven Fickey
Steven Fickey Uukausi sitten
Buick Skylark...Just like my cousin Vinny. Mistaken identity.
Steven Fickey
Steven Fickey Uukausi sitten
Well, at least they didn't arrest you for murder or stealing a can of tuna.@Larry Lawton
Larry Lawton
Larry Lawton Uukausi sitten
I never thought of that.
William Sandidge
William Sandidge Uukausi sitten
Ted Bundy was apprehended due to a traffic stop.
JT King
JT King Uukausi sitten
Starting at about 13:04 Lawton expounds on an idea I never heard of before or ever imagined. The idea that for minor traffic violations recorded electronically the police shouldn't bother pulling someone over. Instead the owner of the vehicle would be sent a written notification thru the mail that they have been cited or a warning. I know a lot of people don't pay much attention to snail mail these days. Perhaps the government could require all citizens possessing certain licenses (for whatever activity licensed) to maintain a valid up to date email address or phone number. So that they could receive official notifications etc. In fact I think this is inevitable if society continues in its current trajectory.
David Heeley
David Heeley Uukausi sitten
Larry my friends and I would love to help and make a donation please email me so we can send a donation to you I think this is so cool what you are doing keep up the good fight my man daveheeleyjr@gmail.com thanks
ffej Uukausi sitten
Larry if the first words out of the piggers mouth are not justifying why you have been stopped, that will be your first question. The Writ of Habeas Corpus, You Will Not be Harrassed or Detained without Legitimate Probable Cause by Any Representative of the State. By applying for a license to operate a vehicle, you consent to all requests by an Officer of the Law to provide documentation; not to be harassed or questioned.
Richard Cranium
Richard Cranium Uukausi sitten
I don't answer questions. "Cop" why? Cause I don't work for you, you work for me. Hand the cop your info & STFU.
Graham Cox
Graham Cox Uukausi sitten
Oy baldy.
Randal Morgan
Randal Morgan Uukausi sitten
close to 1 million subs
rccarmadben Uukausi sitten
I love wasting their time here in the uk you don’t have to give details if you’re stopped (least if you’re on foot not sure about in a vechel) They don’t like that just don’t carry Id about with you and they’ll normally do a stop and search (still don’t have to give) and all this arguing for your details in my experience takes about an hour
Arathae Uukausi sitten
The alphabet backwards is a trick question. Most people when they are drunk will actually try while sober people will just tell the cop “no”. They also ask if you can say the alphabet without singing it.
Bruce Langley
Bruce Langley Uukausi sitten
Got pulled over for taillight. I was drinking, nothing happened but a equipment ticket thing. Scared me so bad I never drink and then drive!!!!
iAM machina
iAM machina Uukausi sitten
I almost done with all your videos, hurry up i dont want to stop listening to your stories. Hello from Russia💪👍
Guy Hall
Guy Hall Uukausi sitten
I got pulled over not long ago for bulb was out on tag one was a real asswhole wanting to search car an run my license the other cop was standing next to me rolling his eyes and shaking his head I could tell he was thinking what I was what an idiot
Daily shit!
Daily shit! Uukausi sitten
I remember when Larry had only 1360 subscribers. Now hes nearly at 1MILLION subs. Damn keep on the good work!
Mark Emanuele
Mark Emanuele Uukausi sitten
I have a GREAT story about a police officer that was a REAL A$$HOLE. First, let me preface this by saying that the VAST MAJORITY of Police Officers in my town are good cops and respect the fact that our tax dollars pay their salary. Let me set the stage. It was about 2 or 3 am. I came to a stop sign where there was absolutely no traffic on the crossroad. I had just been driving from a friend's house and got a stomach bug. I was about 3 blocks from my house and I really had to go to the bathroom. I slowed down at the stop sign, saw that there was no traffic at all on the cross street, and went through the stop sign. About a block or so later I was stopped by the one police officer in my town who should have NEVER become a police officer. When you would look up A$$H0LE in the encyclopedia you would see this guy's picture. I tried to explain to him that I lived only about a block away and that I didn't think that I would make it all the way home without dirtying myself. I told him that there was a bathroom just inside the front door of my house and that I would let him into the house and even leave the bathroom door open so he could see that I wasn't going to do anything to harm him, and give me the ticket there after I did my business in the bathroom. He refused and made me stay there and he took his sweet old time. Of course the inevitable happened, and when he eventually came with the ticket, he actually accused me of soiling myself ON PURPOSE!!!! Well, I took this to court. I approached the bench and suggested that the judge take this in chambers due to the sort of embarrassing circumstances of the case. The judge agreed. I explained the whole situation, and the judge gave the officer a real good talking to (since I tried to make sure the officer would feel safe with the open door to the bathroom). The judge dropped the charges, and the officer was not at all happy with the judge's decision. A couple of years now have gone by. I am listening on my scanner to the town's police dispatch channel when I heard this jerk trying to impress one of the waitresses at the local diner, but didn't realize that he had an open microphone on his handheld radio. He then proceeded to explain to the waitress how he could do a much better job of running the department and the town than the chief and the mayor. He even went as far as telling the waitress that the chief only had the job because he would, shall I say, “service" the mayor's male genitalia. Of course, this all went out in the clear on the township's dispatch channel. This went on for about 15 minutes until the chief showed up and out loud said “So I only have my job because I s%%k the mayor's c@@k, huh?”. At that point, the radio went dead. Needless to say, this guy is no longer on my town's police force. Don't you just love how what goes around comes around… This guy was so bad that even the PBA union was glad to be rid of him. He was a real embarrassment to the other officers.
gemini232003 Uukausi sitten
Some cops are good and some are not, play it safe.
John Galatas
John Galatas Uukausi sitten
sounds like the movie My Cousin Vinny. i think it was a Buick Skylark in question there too lol
Bobby Russello
Bobby Russello Uukausi sitten
Isn't recording someone without their knowledge a felony?
Janet Rock
Janet Rock Uukausi sitten
You are under a great delusion if you believe cops want to help the community. They answer to their handlers. Power corrupts.
Johnn Davis
Johnn Davis Uukausi sitten
Have your registration and proof of insurance or whatever paperwork Your state requires in one place such as in the pocket of your sun visor so you don't have to dig around for it or open your glove box in front of the officer.
Joe Hunt
Joe Hunt Uukausi sitten
If you were a con man, how can I believe anything you say?🤔 All that aside, I’ve been enjoying your stories and honesty. Please put your book on audiobooks! Please!
D L Uukausi sitten
Really what If your brakes are out or your headlights as well or not on? That is a danger to others !
jjsifo1 Uukausi sitten
Thanks man!
R M Uukausi sitten
Great channel by the way
James Boston
James Boston Uukausi sitten
Just a note and hopefully not a repeat. In California, if you refuse a breathalyzer or blood test, they will get a warrant and take your blood. Great show!
Gomer Uukausi sitten
Yup! That’s a standard thing anymore. You refuse & they throw the book at you even though you have a 5th amendment right. It’s almost like during a dui stop you reserve no rights.
Jonathan Bailey
Jonathan Bailey Uukausi sitten
I have some sensitive questions if you wanna rap sometime?
Troy Elliott
Troy Elliott Uukausi sitten
Great vid mate,Here in Australia its the same you allways get some bad apples in the box.
Sir Alleycat
Sir Alleycat Uukausi sitten
I drove about a mile to pull over at a convince store and the cop added a charge of fleeing and eluding. There was no place to pull over before then. This was in Florida too.
Ronny Fürst
Ronny Fürst Uukausi sitten
Hey Mr. Lawton... I watched now at least 20 Vids from you.. and its very nice for me to see a guy like you, again on the good way of life. You are a really cool dude and I can liszen to your stories for hours ... please do me one favour...never go back to prison... stay on the legal side. Well I think you can earn a good amount of money with legal stuff... at least I hope so :-) sorry for my bad lingo but my english is a bit seized up ;-)
kaunas888 Uukausi sitten
For a while there BLM had a lot of power to effect police reform. But what did they do? Enact sensible reform? No they want to get rid of the police. Marxism ruins everything.
kaunas888 Uukausi sitten
Actually, body cam footage has helped the police in recent famous cases and undermined the BLM narrative.
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