Attempted Insurance Scam (ARSON) - Larry Lawton - Untold Stories | 84 |

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Larry Lawton

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Ex Jewel Thief Larry Lawton spent 11 years in prison and now helps people make better decisions and fights for prison reform. #Lawton #Prison #Mob
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I do not condone any of the negative behavior described. I have learned from the mistakes I have made and do not wish for anyone to recreate or attempt any of the events described.

Trevor Simmons
Trevor Simmons 11 päivää sitten
4:31 Oh frick yeah bud
J dot Remy
J dot Remy 21 päivä sitten
They are called public adjusters
Murder0nTheMind Uukausi sitten
Sky Pager Days
Какая-то Принцесса
Какая-то Принцесса Uukausi sitten
Larry's favorite phrase: "I'll never forget" 😂👌🏻
Peyton lewis
Peyton lewis 2 kuukautta sitten
LACOD111 3 kuukautta sitten
Abrahim Shah
Abrahim Shah 3 kuukautta sitten
That's the exact same way I set a restaurant on fire by throwing a cigarette in the garbage can full of paper towels
Powdered Phantom
Powdered Phantom 4 kuukautta sitten
Pagers not “beepers”
Peach Plastic
Peach Plastic 4 kuukautta sitten
I want Larry to narrate every commercial! 😂😂😂
dark gamer
dark gamer 4 kuukautta sitten
Mikej1592 4 kuukautta sitten
LOL this reminds me of a dude in Pittsburgh that once the Pittsburgh Penguins won the Stanley Cup once in the early 90s or late 80s I forget that specific time, but I digress. This dude saw the riots, yes people used to riot when their sports team won their final event. (see Steelers won superbowl riots as well) what he did was attempted insurance claim. He set fire to his own truck then tried to blame it on the riots but somehow he got busted and arrested. Spent jail time, lost his truck, and all that shit that comes with having a prison record.
Tsukiyomi Mizu
Tsukiyomi Mizu 4 kuukautta sitten
Raid boring legends.
MeeseeksDK 5 kuukautta sitten
10 books of stamps on larry not playing raid...
rawguy24 5 kuukautta sitten
I love Larry, and I hold nothing against him for doing the raid ad, get that check. no one plays raid anyways. But man its hilarious listening to larry talk about how exciting this mobile game is
MoistFire 5 kuukautta sitten
does anyone actually play raid lol
Mohammad Abuirsheid
Mohammad Abuirsheid 5 kuukautta sitten
are we getting a 700k special
bryson sifers
bryson sifers 5 kuukautta sitten
Take a shot of whiskey everytime he says “beeper”
Aaghaaz Dass
Aaghaaz Dass 5 kuukautta sitten
You should react to robbery missions from red dead redemption 2.
T. Ridcally
T. Ridcally 5 kuukautta sitten
Man, a lot of people kinda missed the point in this one. There's only 2 minutes of raid.
Yosef Ben’Yah
Yosef Ben’Yah 5 kuukautta sitten
I’d love to meet you one day and just shoot the shit for an hour
ExZACHtlyThat 5 kuukautta sitten
Just wondering how many government agencies have people watching these videos 🤔
T'Town Tim
T'Town Tim 5 kuukautta sitten
Larry knows..if i was held responsible for ALL the crimes i have "allegedly" committed...i would NEVER get out... i was caught for a small percentage ... a criminal has to get lucky and be smart EVERYDAY... a cop... just once on one day and you are done.
Zanzibane 5 kuukautta sitten
Foucault: School is a prison Lawton: Prison is a school
Sven R.C.L
Sven R.C.L 5 kuukautta sitten
1 million subs before the end of 2020... I can't think of anyone more deserving of a great success here in the tube.
J RJM 5 kuukautta sitten
Is raid any fun? I’ve never tried it
Sam Conner
Sam Conner 5 kuukautta sitten
Love the stories, great channel👍
Rear 5 kuukautta sitten
Raid: Shadow Legends. Owned by a Israeli company
COH2 DARKLORD 5 kuukautta sitten
Burn baby-burn!!!
Peytonml 6 kuukautta sitten
Why are all the comments about raid shadow legends? 😂
Rob Rollup
Rob Rollup 6 kuukautta sitten
I’ll never forget when raid shadow legends sponsored Larry Lawton
Hollis2Hollywood 6 kuukautta sitten
Never thought I'd be hungry after a Larry Lawton story. So used to him saying "you gotta stick it up your rectum." lol
Jonathan Sefcik
Jonathan Sefcik 6 kuukautta sitten
5:25 Larry "I'll nevah fuhget" Lawton forgot something!
Ashen One
Ashen One 6 kuukautta sitten
:( stop talking about pizza and meatballs... i so hungryyy. jk of course it just sounds amazing.
Travis LaPierre
Travis LaPierre 6 kuukautta sitten
I have pictures of the people who were in there twin towers with boxes and boxes of detonation devices. They were wearing repelling gear so they can access the internal system of service and place the explosive devices. They had access for a good number of years. Two Bui of that size don't judge come topping down in uniform fashion on a whim
Travis LaPierre
Travis LaPierre 6 kuukautta sitten
Seems like nobody else gives a crap. About what I know
Travis LaPierre
Travis LaPierre 6 kuukautta sitten
Be happy to share my information
Travis LaPierre
Travis LaPierre 6 kuukautta sitten
Donald Rumbsfeld. He was comlpcannt . The day before the Pentagon was hit there was a report of several billion times in missing. Funny thing those records were destroyed in the office the next day by a plane.
Travis LaPierre
Travis LaPierre 6 kuukautta sitten
Bush jr. He was as part but just a puppet.
Travis LaPierre
Travis LaPierre 6 kuukautta sitten
The owner of the world trade center had the policy for two billion dollars for you property and the buildings had that much in asbestos to be removed.
Travis LaPierre
Travis LaPierre 6 kuukautta sitten
These things need to stop.
Travis LaPierre
Travis LaPierre 6 kuukautta sitten
Cody Snodgrass was nvolved with the guns and drugs in mena Arkansas Iran contra major shit. Your just small time. I guess . There is a whole bigger world of shit storm outside of what you know.
bardos 6 kuukautta sitten
Love yr videos
Gamingwith frans
Gamingwith frans 6 kuukautta sitten
Why did youtube unsubscribe me from Larry's channel
Zack Lenhart
Zack Lenhart 6 kuukautta sitten
I got a Mafia 2 ad on this video thought that was funny
F.Meyer cr7
F.Meyer cr7 6 kuukautta sitten
Larry for president
lrobles99 6 kuukautta sitten
I used to eat pizza there after school. I remember playing mortal kombat and street fighter 2 in their arcades mom used to be the crossing guard in front of the boys club!
TheRealCarlos \
TheRealCarlos \ 6 kuukautta sitten
Raid Shadow Legends trying to make Larry look like a gamer lol
Rat King
Rat King 6 kuukautta sitten
raid shadow legends suports arson! jk
Meat Stick
Meat Stick 6 kuukautta sitten
Lmao noooooo not raid
daveg430 6 kuukautta sitten
I really want to be in Larry’s clan but it’s full 😧
Truth Be Told
Truth Be Told 6 kuukautta sitten
Larry: "I now know the cops, teach them, help them...." Translation: "I'm now a snitch."
Johnny Tsunami
Johnny Tsunami 6 kuukautta sitten
Does anyone believe that Larry actually plays video games?
Robo _Cop2123
Robo _Cop2123 6 kuukautta sitten
We should get a Larry Lawton pizzeria video
Tiny Tank
Tiny Tank 6 kuukautta sitten
Who cares that this man is the greatest jewel their in America, this man can throw pizza dough really high up and catch it.
Andrew Kent
Andrew Kent 6 kuukautta sitten
Oh Larry... I love your content but you really took the big L with the raid shadow bullshit. This is the lowest crime you've admitted to so far.
Matthew Green
Matthew Green 6 kuukautta sitten
So after doing all of your time like a G and keeping it tall through all of your experiences being incarcerated and fighting the system so aggressively you decide to become an honorary cop? You're the police now...why? I don't understand!?!?!? I love your videos and I've even recently started reading your book only to find out that you're now working with the soul hurts
Inthium 5 kuukautta sitten
He spent a fuck ton of time in prison, because of his reputation it’d be rare for him to get any good job, let him do whatever he wants, he hasn’t snaked anyone out so he’s not doing anything bad.
jane doe
jane doe 6 kuukautta sitten
i bet it's easy for you to gain trust.
Arminius Invictus
Arminius Invictus 6 kuukautta sitten
"the people in prison would tell me how to start a fire and how they'll never find it" Then why are they in prison for arson? 😂😂😂
Aj Mcintee
Aj Mcintee 6 kuukautta sitten
Oh no not raid larry
Austin Hine
Austin Hine 6 kuukautta sitten
This guys the best, he tells the best story’s and putting 1 add in a 20 minuets video shows how he genuinely likes making the videos and not for the money
TheTVClan 6 kuukautta sitten
livin like Larry playin RAID
Jay Lacue
Jay Lacue 6 kuukautta sitten
Hey Larry! I'm from Brevard County too. Merritt Island actually. Did you ever rob the jewrly store there? Lol love your videos
Cory D
Cory D 6 kuukautta sitten
mobile game sponsorships are a fucking cancer on this platform.
Zanarax 6 kuukautta sitten
Raid shadow legends is taking over.... o how far have the mighty fallen?
dragonkilla 3000
dragonkilla 3000 6 kuukautta sitten
I liked this one. Throughout I'm thinking, I'm pretty sure they can tell how and where fires start. Sure enough at the end Larry brings that up. The things they can figure out when they want to get you is scary
Kaizo Kush
Kaizo Kush 6 kuukautta sitten
Damn Raid Shadow legends lying to Larry now. That game sucks.
THE E MAN 4000
THE E MAN 4000 6 kuukautta sitten
Keep up the awesome work bro 👍
Gustav Öberg
Gustav Öberg 6 kuukautta sitten
Do a video where you drive around to places where you have done stuff and talk about it.
Baldochy Puga
Baldochy Puga 6 kuukautta sitten
Oh god, Larry it got you too
Logan Hall
Logan Hall 6 kuukautta sitten
Planning on buying some merch Larry. Keep it up
Moon Eyes
Moon Eyes 6 kuukautta sitten
I wish he would make another pizzeria. I would buy stuff from him. I think it would really push his ideas more if he did what Dave's killer bread does and hire mostly excons.
Tony Soprano
Tony Soprano 6 kuukautta sitten
speaking of arson , how much truth is there to the movie Backdraft? another Di nero movie
The Babscast
The Babscast 6 kuukautta sitten
You should go on Jordan Belfort’s “wolf of Wall Street” channel
Man throw Item
Man throw Item 6 kuukautta sitten
I kinda want it now
TSBGaming 6 kuukautta sitten
Hey Larry! I gotta few cool ideas, maybe make a patreon/member only podcast where you interview you’re ex prison mates or people you were friends with back when you were robbing jewellery stores. Also there’s a game called “The escapists” it’s a fun little prison escape game and there’s tons of things you make and do that maybe you can myth bust! Keep up the great content!
potato records
potato records 6 kuukautta sitten
Yo larry can u do a video where u go on gta 5 and do heists with random people? it'd be a super fun video :)
Paco Castelló
Paco Castelló 6 kuukautta sitten
Hey Larry, really liking your videos!! Keep up the good work. Have you tried the game called Prison Architect?? I think it would be quite interesting seeing your comments of it with your insight! Love ya!
Lil Donkey
Lil Donkey 6 kuukautta sitten
“Idears” - Larry
Thorne Parke
Thorne Parke 6 kuukautta sitten
Kolorado 6 kuukautta sitten
Jack Burton
Jack Burton 6 kuukautta sitten
The system finally cucked you. Well done Larry joining the sheep.
Ender The Gamer
Ender The Gamer 6 kuukautta sitten
can you do a review on the GTA Online Diamond Casino Heist? That would be real sweet
Jeffery Cowart
Jeffery Cowart 6 kuukautta sitten
I love these Untold Stories So Intresting !!!! We love ya Larry
best of wwe
best of wwe 6 kuukautta sitten
your vids have impacted me because i was in prison for robbing a supermarket i was in prison for 6 years and after i never did it again
I.M. Brute
I.M. Brute 6 kuukautta sitten
I don't know if you've covered this in any of your other videos and I just missed it, but what's your opinion on female guards looking after male prisoners? Personally, I think it's stupid political correctness gone mad! If you can see any sense or benefit to it, I'd be interested in hearing your opinion.
Mark W
Mark W 6 kuukautta sitten
Hey Larry, what was spending your birthday like in jail? Any sort of party etc
Darth Sidious
Darth Sidious 6 kuukautta sitten
tbh i dont like playing raid i just like looking at the characters
Jacob M8
Jacob M8 6 kuukautta sitten
Great vid man keep up the work 💯
Miss Dolla Bill
Miss Dolla Bill 6 kuukautta sitten
Hey Larry can you make a video on how to make prison food?
ELIASZ214 Zambrano522
ELIASZ214 Zambrano522 6 kuukautta sitten
Larry you should react to TikTok
JamesyBoi712 6 kuukautta sitten
Larry when's the next episode of money heist (La casa de papel)
Kushman420TV 6 kuukautta sitten
Thank you so much Lary for keeping my daughter on the Stright edge by your videos she wanted to be a gangster till she saw your videos of it's not the way to go thanks very much budy I owl you so much for the positive influence you are to my lil lilly
Finlay Edain
Finlay Edain 6 kuukautta sitten
please react to beyond scared straight
Sedat Aytar
Sedat Aytar 6 kuukautta sitten
anyone else think he should react to rdr2 heists?
Jay& Z GVR
Jay& Z GVR 6 kuukautta sitten
Larry Lawton with the phone game sponsors😂😂😂its hilarious
Phill 6 kuukautta sitten
Larry, I thought you could spot a bunch of criminals. Do not take raid shadow legend money. They are absolute gutter trash.
Schniebel 6 kuukautta sitten
better call saul next time.
Priss Fernandez
Priss Fernandez 6 kuukautta sitten
review the manila gunman?
Saif KSA
Saif KSA 6 kuukautta sitten
someone needs to tell him how youtube ad revenue works
Tony 6 kuukautta sitten
call someone clarify this for me ? : if you tell on youtoube that you have commited a crime , as long as is an old crime , the police can't do anything about it?
Lee Maxwell TV
Lee Maxwell TV 6 kuukautta sitten
967 comment never forget it
Chris Llamas
Chris Llamas 6 kuukautta sitten
Larry should have a collaboration with a FIpostr called After Prison show.
Amin Ferdowsi
Amin Ferdowsi 6 kuukautta sitten
im checking your youtube every day for more GTA stuff...plz larry keep playing...unless u play every day u wont learn as fast as u need...
pukwit 6 kuukautta sitten
Who else reckons Larry really needs to play “a way out”
Ozzie 6 kuukautta sitten
Can you do a Money Hiest review part 2?
Fadus Creations
Fadus Creations 6 kuukautta sitten
There should be a movie about this man this is something that needs to be.
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