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Larry Lawton

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Ex Prisoner Larry Lawton and his ex Prison Guard Gary Massey reunite and discuss Gary's time in prison for smuggling contraband . Gary tells what it's like to be a guard doing time in Big Sandy, Kentucky United States Penitentiary.
Ex Jewel Thief Larry Lawton spent 11 years in prison and now helps people make better decisions and fights for prison reform. #Lawton #Prison #Guard #Mob
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Answer: That day, but Larry was finally sentenced after spending 1 year in federal facilities and county jails.
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I do not condone any of the negative behavior described. I have learned from the mistakes I have made and do not wish for anyone to recreate or attempt any of the events described..

Macoy1204 Florida
Macoy1204 Florida 3 päivää sitten
Ya Larry did cut him off a lot but good interview
Billy Joe
Billy Joe 4 päivää sitten
Gary should have stuck with the overtime.
BILL MURPH 5 päivää sitten
I went through prison as an independent. Larry, you know how impossible that is these days.
john marquez
john marquez 6 päivää sitten
What was he getting In return for the cigarettes
Thomas G
Thomas G 7 päivää sitten
Damn dude why ask a question if your gonna answer it for your guest...annoying as hell
T M 7 päivää sitten
Man. I just came across your channel n so far I like it. But I do gotta disagree with you on the prison is prison statement. The only similarity in some cases is the word. And it's definitely the case even more so in different countries. There are some that look exactly like country clubs. Id say there isn't as many like that in the us but there are a few here. Some even have pools! N I'm pretty sure some here even have conjugals. And even if they don't. There's still opportunities to get laid. It happens in juvi. In county jails, and prisons. I will say, the choices may be limited tho. Lol. In my experience I seen more violence, gang fights, rapes etc in juvi than in adult prisons. I had more fun in medium and maximum facilities. Minus being away from your family. The best way to explain it is it's college with the worst of societies people. You can literally get a legit college degree. In the summer time you have outdoor sports. Tournaments that last all summer. Organized Softball n football. Olympic style tournaments in summer n winter. In juvi we even played other highschools. Imagine a team coming in all handcuffed with guards. Yup that happens. In adult prisons, they have out reach programs where professional athletes come and play against You! You have access to buying all types of musical equipment. They hold talent shows. Some places have legit recording equipment where you can make your own music. Mind you. This is at max n mediums. Minimums you can actually leave. Get a real job. You can come out with a 50k plus if your at a camp long enough. These places have all the drink n drugs you can think of. So do med n maxs but usually smaller quantities. Throw in gang violence. Race violence. That's prison. Idc what anybody says. It ain't all that bad. You can actually make it fun especially if you don't have a wife n kids at home. If you like to fight. It makes it even better cause 9/10 you don't even Get in trouble. Sorry for the long rant.
Johan S
Johan S 8 päivää sitten
Stop talking in your guest month Larry
G C3
G C3 8 päivää sitten
Stop interrupting people
Michael R.
Michael R. 9 päivää sitten
Larry...STOP ADDING YOUR OWN STORY AT THE END OF EVERY SENTENCE THIS GUY SAYS. You do it with every interview. Stop it. People are going to stop agreeing to come on your channel. Your guest was starting to get pissed off. It was very noticeable. Also..stop assuming that your audience doesn't know what you are talking about when you are talking about things in prison. If your viewers weren't interested in prison, they wouldn't be watching. This might sound harsh, but it is real advice. Constructive critisism.
Jerry Crow
Jerry Crow 10 päivää sitten
I've never heard of any guard getting put to jail for contraband, let alone CIGARETTES?!?!!? 3-5y for smuggling cigarettes to a prison, now tell me that legal system is valid, it is designed to produce criminals not to safeguard the citizens. For profit prisons and lobbying.
Jay Martin
Jay Martin 11 päivää sitten
I'm born nd rasied in ohio nd honestly Ohio sucks
John Murphy
John Murphy 13 päivää sitten
The guard seems like a great guy but everytime I see him talk all I hear is a voice in my head saying, "Heeeeey youuuu guyssss!"
Rowdy Robby Rider
Rowdy Robby Rider 15 päivää sitten
Even regular jail totally sucks! It’s that feeling you get inside when they lock the door and you know you’re not going anywhere
boss hogg
boss hogg 18 päivää sitten
this stuff happens all the time sometimes the guards get jailed and sometimes they don't depends on how much proof they have against them. they always get fired at the least though.
boss hogg
boss hogg 18 päivää sitten
unions are a joke!!
Jerry Foreman
Jerry Foreman 19 päivää sitten
Great stuff! Thanks for sharing!
Derek Stover
Derek Stover 20 päivää sitten
Is Larry following the AR AB and OBH indictments at all? I would like to hear his input on it
ARNP 21 päivä sitten
Larry you should make a video of you and your buds playing poker next time you guys get together and play.
69adrummer 23 päivää sitten
Def sleeping with one eye open man that would suck.
good luck
good luck 23 päivää sitten
too much interruptions
Shiro Surfer
Shiro Surfer 23 päivää sitten
Very interesting video wow cool
Shannon Morgan
Shannon Morgan 24 päivää sitten
Mr Lawton, As someone who has cerebral palsy. I'm curious, were there disabled people in prison. Like cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, something like that. Was there a special unit for them? If they were wheelchair bound how did they do showers? Did you convicts have to protect them?
YouTube Comment Poster
YouTube Comment Poster 24 päivää sitten
Larry proves that anyone can do anything they want with their lives and be successful. Not only ex cons, but also ordinary people :) Love from British Colombia
godnamedtay 24 päivää sitten
Hey Larry, love your content, been watching for a while now. But I gotta call a spade a spade, you’re a horrible interviewer my man. We love listening to your stories obviously. But when u have a guest on, someone as interesting as Gary, u gotta let the man say his peace and not interrupt dude every 10 seconds. Just some food for thought!
THE GEAR & GUN SHOW 26 päivää sitten
Why throw away your career to take some cigarettes to inmates?
edgar garcia
edgar garcia 26 päivää sitten
Really good videos man
Cajunflyer78 26 päivää sitten
Where are the captions for deaf people?
Kevin D
Kevin D 27 päivää sitten
Larry, great interview, but you have to let your guests finish a thought. I noticed the same thing when you had Paulie on. Keep up up the good work though Great channels
T Malec
T Malec 27 päivää sitten
Damn Larry are you ever gonna let him talk? He should go on lockdown 23&1 so we can get his actual story
Matthew Adams
Matthew Adams 28 päivää sitten
Wonder if he had to go to protection
Michael Watts
Michael Watts 29 päivää sitten
So does an assault charge that’s been dismissed keep you from going to a camp if you’ve been sentenced to prison?
Derek Ireland
Derek Ireland Uukausi sitten
This guy is a solid ex C.O and he blended through the prison system it really helps to know how things work on the inside.
Widowsson abif
Widowsson abif Uukausi sitten
If he was smuggling cigerettes into prison, you can bet he smuggled other tyes of contraband. If he got a year, you can bet he copped out/plead out to keep from getting more time. Once you are dirty, you are not partially dirty. If he went to the camp, he had easy time. Should have went to the Super Max! :-) Ask him why he brought contraband inside when he knew it was a crime? Every year during training, conduct about introduction of contraband is discussed. He knew it was going to happen and he still introduced contraband. He talked about everybody in camp is trying to go home but they still commit the same acts they did in the medium. I am positive this guy got busted because of a snitch. I wonder he snitched on other guards doing the same time to get a reduction in time. Once you go dirty, some inmate will get busted with contraaband and will give up on other inmates and dirty guards to keep from getting locked up or losing time, One year was too easy and should never had went to a camp but when you deal you will get a reduction in time or sent to a camp. Lawton, your videos are interesting but watching this one was funny how this dude basically justified his crime(s).
Ian D
Ian D 29 päivää sitten
Its fuckin tobacco dude. Calm down. Maybe if we had a better healthcare system or he had better pay he wouldn't of had that issue.
Buster Biloxi
Buster Biloxi Uukausi sitten
This guard can't explain shit! Tongue-tied Rube.
Buster Biloxi
Buster Biloxi Uukausi sitten
Are they in an RV?
Brad Slone
Brad Slone Uukausi sitten
I know a guard at big sandy.
HooHoo Says
HooHoo Says Uukausi sitten
great interview and subject. good guy-glad it worked out,
james irby
james irby Uukausi sitten
I was so locked in
teddy Uukausi sitten
Is this even fucking english I need subtitles
BABA KAZI Uukausi sitten
7:50 "naaahhhhh...." LMFAO
Shane Threlfall
Shane Threlfall Uukausi sitten
You can’t get laid? Hahaha really? 🤔
Deano517 Uukausi sitten
Why not have the camera facing the 2 of you? Then you don't need to keep cutting to Gary when he talks.
Thomas Klein
Thomas Klein Uukausi sitten
Great content
Richard Taylor
Richard Taylor Uukausi sitten
I would love to play you in poker Larry. I was taught by my uncle who was a lawyer.
Barbara Uukausi sitten
Larry discovered you not to long ago ,love listening to you, your a good story teller,Ive listened to you for 2 to 3 hours at a time. I think its wonderful that you try to help others .God Bless You! Keep on keeping on. Love from Maryland. 🙏❤🙏❤🙏❤🙏❤
Jah Jah
Jah Jah Uukausi sitten
Bro I fucc wit yo videos !!! 💯
Michael Klein
Michael Klein Uukausi sitten
Dam right prison is prison. I wouldn’t wanna spend even a day in the lightest of security prisons.
Brandon Hardesty
Brandon Hardesty Uukausi sitten
Did Gary suitcase the contraband too?
Антон Корытный
Антон Корытный Uukausi sitten
Ларри пожалуйста разреши для DeeVan Games переводить твои видео на русский
Anonymous Uukausi sitten
You interrupt people way too much
Willie Gallagher
Willie Gallagher Uukausi sitten
Mate stop interrupting let the man tell his story learn the art of interviewing you will get more views otherwise people will turn off.
TheTwentieth H
TheTwentieth H Uukausi sitten
Dropping a comment for LL.
Heroes Dart
Heroes Dart Uukausi sitten
Heroes Dart
Heroes Dart Uukausi sitten
Heroes Dart
Heroes Dart Uukausi sitten
Heroes Dart
Heroes Dart Uukausi sitten
Heroes Dart
Heroes Dart Uukausi sitten
Heroes Dart
Heroes Dart Uukausi sitten
Heroes Dart
Heroes Dart Uukausi sitten
Heroes Dart
Heroes Dart Uukausi sitten
Heroes Dart
Heroes Dart Uukausi sitten
Heroes Dart
Heroes Dart Uukausi sitten
Heroes Dart
Heroes Dart Uukausi sitten
Heroes Dart
Heroes Dart Uukausi sitten
Heroes Dart
Heroes Dart Uukausi sitten
Heroes Dart
Heroes Dart Uukausi sitten
Heroes Dart
Heroes Dart Uukausi sitten
Heroes Dart
Heroes Dart Uukausi sitten
Heroes Dart
Heroes Dart Uukausi sitten
Dave Uukausi sitten
Your editing is top notch, and the way you left us on that cliff hanger was fantastic. Very nice work!
Jarod Herbert
Jarod Herbert Uukausi sitten
Jesus Larry!!!! You interrupt way to much. I was eventuallly able to get through it.... but it was annoying
Trish Bowen
Trish Bowen Uukausi sitten
Unbelievable that this guy got a year in prison for cigarettes!!!! I'm truly shocked!! That makes zero freaking sense to me!!!!!
milan jovanovic
milan jovanovic Uukausi sitten
Convicted man go to jail and his wife and daughter crying, and he said: It's tough man, it is tough. Well that's the damn point of penalty!
John McCallister
John McCallister Uukausi sitten
La! I love your channel but please let them elaborate on their stories a bit further before you interrupt or ask them the next question
Tristan Pattsy
Tristan Pattsy Uukausi sitten
Poor bloke, over cigarettes?! That’s absolutely fkd :(
Tristan Pattsy
Tristan Pattsy Uukausi sitten
@Crooton 110%. Prison time wasn’t and shouldn’t have happened over something so fucking petty! I’m from a Australia and if it happened here, you’d get suspended, maybe lose you’re job OR get a second chance if you’re lucky! (For smokes)
Crooton Uukausi sitten
they were trying to give him about 3 years in prison what the fuck?? like up to a year or couple months in prison seems reasonable but 3 to 5 years cmon
Kevin Murphy
Kevin Murphy Uukausi sitten
The guard is Atleast good at getting story back on track lol
Kevin Murphy
Kevin Murphy Uukausi sitten
Larry stop over talking him
Rainy Jay
Rainy Jay Uukausi sitten
Really good interview both of you were interesting. Keep it up larry your making a difference.
Reinventing the Steve
Reinventing the Steve Uukausi sitten
Holy hell almost 1 mil subs 😮 well done Larry! You deserve it 😊 I don't know when I subbed but it was over a year ago. Love it, keep it up 😊
Turkey Creek Jack Johnson
Turkey Creek Jack Johnson Uukausi sitten
This shit is so fricken interesting it’s crazy
Pink Starburst
Pink Starburst Uukausi sitten
A year for smuggling cigs into prison, but Joseph Biden is still walkin and runnin for president all while 3Q years of corruption.
꧁꧂Det꧁꧂ Uukausi sitten
Too many questions, too short answers.
bubba buzzo's comedy
bubba buzzo's comedy Uukausi sitten
Big sandy is right outside inez it's located in a place called deboard kentucky I use to work right beside big sandy fed prison
KEITH CALITRI Uukausi sitten
What a great guy Gary is he seams like one in a million prison guard. Hope everything worked out for him.
Katrina Anderson
Katrina Anderson Uukausi sitten
They should not have sent him to prison over cigarettes
Mary S.
Mary S. Uukausi sitten
I can't wait to hear the next episode about him getting out. This is very inspiring.
Bigmungus Uukausi sitten
ya cant get laid oof
Un Named Channel
Un Named Channel Uukausi sitten
Yeah but can’t get laid in freeworld so no diff aye
Austin P
Austin P Uukausi sitten
Such a prison putz, typical jail bird tells the same story over and over again
Miguel Carter
Miguel Carter Uukausi sitten
It’s common BS I’ve known 2 guys personally that went for exactly the same crime
antonthewall Uukausi sitten
aw gross man liver is like the most toxic thing you can eat off a sick animal
1 __Flaimus__ 1
1 __Flaimus__ 1 Uukausi sitten
Отправьте ему данное сообщение!!!!!!! Эти ребята которые переводили ваши видео преподносили всё так что было очень интересно смотреть.И тут вдруг в один из дней захожу,думаю щас как посмотрю на то что рассказывает Ларри и о том как он никогда не забывает ту или иную ситуацию,а тут бац и нету видео,я думал не на тот канал зашёл.А оказывается то что за авторское право удалили весь контент.И что мне теперь смотреть? Больше нету таких людей которые так переводят как эти ребята.Так что лучше одумайся и разреши им переводить свой контеет. Все те кто это читают и кому нравится смотреть истории Ларри поддержите если не сложно!!!!! Очень обидно что такого контента может не быть:(
The Horror Lounge
The Horror Lounge Uukausi sitten
I found your channel yesterday Larry and have been binge watching your show in my TV room.
derek murphy
derek murphy Uukausi sitten
That dude is not good at having a conversation 😂 The whole time I’m thinking “stop cross talking lary!!”
Louie Boone
Louie Boone Uukausi sitten
Cool guy , good interview but I don’t believe this guy gave anyone a 2 piece 😂 na bra
VCVortex Uukausi sitten
Gary is easy to listen to. I feel like I could sit and talk with him for hours. You can tell he is a good guy.
Gary massey
Gary massey Uukausi sitten
Thank you
Gta Best
Gta Best Uukausi sitten
Эх,почему же ты не смог договориться с Deevan games? Русские фанаты очень ценят тебя, дай им разрешение на выпуск новых переводов, пожалуйста
Salvador Diaz
Salvador Diaz Uukausi sitten
Zachary Norcross
Zachary Norcross Uukausi sitten
i have a few questions to Gary, how much to did he win in poker all together when in prison, and the biggest win he won in prison. second question i forget but ill remember after lol
Gary massey
Gary massey Uukausi sitten
I won enough to make me comfortable
Взгляд любителя
Взгляд любителя Uukausi sitten
Samuel Claessens
Samuel Claessens Uukausi sitten
GREAT TALK SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😁
Hakim Habib
Hakim Habib Uukausi sitten
You need to play mafia definitive edition
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