Don't Defund the Police! Train, Hire Well, Body Camera + Community Policing - Police Reform | 127 |

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Larry Lawton

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Important message - Don't Defund the Police. Train them often, hire and pay well, add a body camera, utilize community policing. Train police regularly not just a few weeks when they start. Hire police that care about their community. Add a body camera - it protects police and citizens. and practice community policing and show that the police real care about and know the community.
Ex Jewel Thief Larry Lawton spent 11 years in prison and now helps people make better decisions and fights for prison reform. #Lawton #Prison #Mob
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I do not condone any of the negative behavior described. I have learned from the mistakes I have made and do not wish for anyone to recreate or attempt any of the events described.

Steve Williams
Steve Williams 3 tuntia sitten
Larry I also with pride was awarded "Law Enforcement Officer" of the year.
Steve Williams
Steve Williams 3 tuntia sitten
Larry, Thank You. I retired as a Police Officer/Detective. I paid my dues, spoke in the community, taught DARE in the 5th grade at 2 different schools, for 2 years. I did this with Pride. and got down to their level. When I went into the 1st.--4th grade I had a program for them also. I was in uniform except for my Gun. I treated each and every student as they were the most important. I did this with smiles and love for the students. True Love. Recently I ran into one of my students, she was with her mother and had just finished graduated school. She and her mother hugged me and she told me that what I taught her in the fifth grade laid to the belief in Law Enforcement. "DARE" is a drug course and she told me that what I taught her kept her away from any and all drugs. Yes we were crying and my heart was busting with pride that all of my training matter for just one student counted. Oh by the way all I ever wanted to be was a respected police officer and my total goal was to make Detective. I earned the position and was a great detective for 11 years. I wish you and I could talk, I handle all child sexual crimes. Larry I put 1 man in prison for 32 years on 76 counts of child sexual assaults. There were 26 children and it took me 18 months to complete. Larry with a smile on my face he died in prison. I am so sorry for his family but not for him. He deserved everything he got in prison and death. Hope he found God. God Bless you Larry. Steve Williams
Eddie Nicholson Jr
Eddie Nicholson Jr 18 päivää sitten
Your a legend 🇺🇸🙌🏻
Eddie Nicholson Jr
Eddie Nicholson Jr 18 päivää sitten
Love this video & love your channel !!!
Andre Klugel
Andre Klugel 20 päivää sitten
That was the realest shit I have ever heard, straight up. I agree with every word of what you just said. We need more people like you, Larry. I would vote for you, if you ran in politics. You just gained a subscriber, brother. Much love.
x-Apollo-x 20 päivää sitten
💯💯💯💯 agree as a soldier, cops shouldn't have better equipment than us but they need better training and more funding into training, I trust an 18 yr old In Afghanistan vs a young cop whose never done anything else
Scott Castle
Scott Castle 28 päivää sitten
- Yearly psychological evaluations. - Training, training, training. - Solid leadership.
Louie Boone
Louie Boone Uukausi sitten
You make a lot of sense Larry you should run for office in your town! Cops need to be paid!! I was a cop for 10 years I got so sick of the bullshit .. for every good cop there’s 5 bad! Hardest job ever and u get no respect these days just not worth it for 30 grand a year! Now I work at Home Depot and I’m happy as hell !! I make the same money lol but now I can at least not have to deal with risking my life for nothing .. do I miss helping people, yes! But this shit just ant worth it ..
Leigh Haggar
Leigh Haggar Uukausi sitten
Your problem is, Larry, you talk too much common sense! Thanks for another great video. Have you ever done any publicity in the UK? We need more people like you.
Craig Drury
Craig Drury Uukausi sitten
I agree with this video mostly, however I don't agree that the law enforcement has to be 20 % black because the community is 20 percent black, you want to hire a good cop, a good cop that doesent regard gender or race
woody boi 2
woody boi 2 Uukausi sitten
Don't defund the police. Put regulations,retrain.
Solitudes Sanity
Solitudes Sanity Uukausi sitten
Ofcourse this is your least viewed video
Gregg Tilghman
Gregg Tilghman Uukausi sitten
It's called Mutual Aid!
NICO NICO Uukausi sitten
"Defund the police" is not about improving American society, it's about power. Why people here cannot understand that?
acutelychronic Uukausi sitten
when someone who's been to prison tells you not to defund the police he's got a valid point for real. the police do a lot of shit wrong, as an organisation but defunding the police isn't some casual thing.. the whole thin blue line thing isn't 100 percent bullshit, there's systemic problems with law enforcement but if you've not no cops then you've just got some other kind of criminal enforcement putting their own kind of law down.
brendo Uukausi sitten
I feel like most people misunderstand why people say 'defund the police.' Most of the time I've seen people use it to address police militarization (things like giving civil servants being given riot shields and tear gas and tanks and shit), rather than simply trying to say the police should receive less funding in general. In a way I feel like that slogan isn't that helpful, because we need major police reform rather than simply defunding them or demilitarizing them
WD 40
WD 40 Uukausi sitten
I think some of these police should be looked at for PTSD. Seriously if you see some of the reactions by them in videos? Humans can only take so much no matter what side of the fence your on
Gadolini Rutherfordium
Gadolini Rutherfordium Uukausi sitten
They should have head cams on hats as well so it gets better view of the suspect on video.
Les Whynin
Les Whynin Uukausi sitten
5:10 I thought you said in another video that you never did heroin... but anyway agree that people deserve second chances to turn their life around (if that is safe for the public)
Les Whynin
Les Whynin Uukausi sitten
If you want to strike a balance between business in the shirt and tie and the casual, just cut the shirt sleeves off
Freidheim of Prussia
Freidheim of Prussia Uukausi sitten
Body camera is the best evidence
Sol Battle
Sol Battle Uukausi sitten
Well, you'll be happy to know that we've moved on from defunding the police to dismantling the whole f****** system. 👍🏾
NotLikeMe443 2 kuukautta sitten
Agreed 100%. Larry you are the best
CEO of Caca
CEO of Caca 2 kuukautta sitten
Out of all his thousands of red shirts ,today he chose the white buttoned shirt and black tie
NewGeneral 2 kuukautta sitten
This needs as many views as your other videos - I have *NO* idea why it doesn't!
Oswaldo Leon
Oswaldo Leon 2 kuukautta sitten
Larry you should collab with Wes Watson he’s an ex con too!
Melanie Jane
Melanie Jane 2 kuukautta sitten
2:52 🥺🥺 replayed that line a few times, thank you for the reminder Larry
Johns Jesse
Johns Jesse 2 kuukautta sitten
Also there lots of bad teacher to as well
Johns Jesse
Johns Jesse 2 kuukautta sitten
I agree with you we need to get rid of police unions and hold them accountable no exceptions.
John Cruz
John Cruz 2 kuukautta sitten
Defunding means allocating inflated police budgets to community programs that actually prevent crime, not just getting rid of the police. The rise of white supremacy wothin the police force itself (as stated by the FBI) has proved the institution to be in need of dire reform, not more money amd attention. The system that perpetuates crime in this country is on purpose, the police do not aid in that only profit from it
John Cruz
John Cruz 2 kuukautta sitten
Are Prisons Obsolete- Angela Davis
Everything changed when the winged hussars arrive
Everything changed when the winged hussars arrive 2 kuukautta sitten
Man I agree with you man let’s actually fix our leadership and also the part of quit wasting money on useless junk man if we got actual good officers (police and military) we should be working on making good leaders
Maple_I_guess? _
Maple_I_guess? _ 2 kuukautta sitten
I'm wanting to be a law enforcer one day and my goal is to not be bias and actually help people good day or bad day. Because at the end of the day I'm the person who is supposed to help and protect and one bad thing I do can end up tragic
Yotrymp 2 kuukautta sitten
This was a really straightforward and reasonable video. Best thing I've seen among all the anti cop insanity. Really takes a guy who's been through it all to know what's right I guess. May your wisdom go far.
Dinosaur with 42 heads
Dinosaur with 42 heads 2 kuukautta sitten
Larry Lawton for Senator.
Patrick Thibodeaux
Patrick Thibodeaux 2 kuukautta sitten
Lawton for mayor!
fio cm
fio cm 2 kuukautta sitten
I swear I’ve never been so into a video. This is too good and if every cop were like you, the world would be so much better and nothing that’s happening right now(protests, killings, cops vs citizens, etc) wouldn’t be even a thing
Nick 2 kuukautta sitten
Polkatown 2 kuukautta sitten
'Im gonna blame everybody on this' Finally, some good fucking food
luke goral
luke goral 2 kuukautta sitten
is nice i like this guy heh
Jacob M
Jacob M 2 kuukautta sitten
Nice common sense suggestions we can all agree on, sadly that isn't what most people mean by defund the police :/
Fizzybro 2 kuukautta sitten
Just curious, are woman being put into these policy meetings too ?
Some Guy
Some Guy 2 kuukautta sitten
Police departments are so overfunded. That money would be better invested into the community. Invest that money in our failing public education system. Maybe if kids got a better shot at life, there wouldn't be as much crime.
Some Guy
Some Guy 2 kuukautta sitten
@bob lob No they don't. You're delusional if you think that. People are born with different means from the get go.
bob lob
bob lob 2 kuukautta sitten
Everyone has the same shot at life thats the idea of America
Some Guy
Some Guy 2 kuukautta sitten
The "militarize to justify budgets" cycle must end. There should be fewer cops with much higher pay and better training. The war on drugs has to end. It shouldn't be a jobs program for morons that got C's in high school.
big boss bob ross
big boss bob ross 2 kuukautta sitten
You know shits about to get realer than real when Larry busts out the dress shirt and tie combo lol
Topkat 2 kuukautta sitten
exactly don't defund the protectors of our rights
Dixie Champagne
Dixie Champagne 2 kuukautta sitten
Malleable came to mind
Dixie Champagne
Dixie Champagne 2 kuukautta sitten
Get a woman on that committee. Make damned sure there's a Veteran on that committee
Keith Graves
Keith Graves 2 kuukautta sitten
This is a great video. It’s refreshing to hear someone with actual ideas of how to change the system. I totally agree with your last point that cops need to better police themselves, but I wonder how you would break the mentality that they are “ratting on” each other? It seems like this is something that currently prevents the good cops from pointing out the bad cops.
Critical Comrade
Critical Comrade 2 kuukautta sitten
I hope you get interviewed on a TV show about this so the world can hear your world's and a change can be made
Tammy Lacewell
Tammy Lacewell 2 kuukautta sitten
But they been doing this for a long time already , So defunding sound like the best plan
Mr Thomas
Mr Thomas 2 kuukautta sitten
I want a body cam for myself and 2 dash cams. 1 cam on the front windshield and the other for my rear windshield. Have all the film sent to a cloud storage.
STINK107 2 kuukautta sitten
Defunding the police means stoping the militarization of police and using that money for substance abuse hotlines and schools it doesn't mean get rid of the police entirely
Daniel 2 kuukautta sitten
Hey Larry just food for thought: Some police chiefs don't like body cams for their whole police force because they know they could spend that money on other things which the force needs, like new cars or other gear. Obviously cams are a good thing, they protect good cops and expose bad cops. But they cost money, which I think is the #1 reason they are not universal yet.
KingaX5 King
KingaX5 King 2 kuukautta sitten
This is the video, and information everyone needs to see. We can't just have single stories' from news, left, right and center opinions. We need someone who can really show their opinion, was in prison, did his research, and knows the LAW. Larry Lawton, you might be the one to save this country.
Paris Mech
Paris Mech 2 kuukautta sitten
Watching Larry Lawton speak is one of the most enjoyable things on youtube.You have have the goodness of a child and the maturity and perspective of a wise grandparent embeded in your character.Thanks for sharing all of your thoughts with us!
Ryan Goff
Ryan Goff 2 kuukautta sitten
Also the more immoral our society becomes the more tyrannical government will be.......
Ryan Goff
Ryan Goff 2 kuukautta sitten
How about quit hiring psychopaths and order followers
Todd Swindell
Todd Swindell 2 kuukautta sitten
LMFAO Larry I love your videos. I was gonna email you about this very subject. I was waiting to hear what you had to say about #blm. It took till the 25:00 mark but the way you said it makes me laugh. Thank you for explaining it to people that needed someone that looks like them that needed to hear it. What you said was perfect. George Floyd wasn't the first one it was the straw that broke the camel's back ✊🏾
Cole VonCole
Cole VonCole 2 kuukautta sitten
Gotta love that ex prisoners, ex gang members, inner city residents, and generally disenfranchised people absolutely do not want to defund the police let alone abolish the police. Its always fun to notice that the people with this radical idea are the people who have never interacted with the police once in their entire lives.
787_Studios 2 kuukautta sitten
You should review the British tv show line of duty on Netflix it show how the British police has anti corruption units to police the police
TATERplaysGAMES 2 kuukautta sitten
Downsize police as it is currently, create new divisions of policing designed for certain degrees of danger. The same guy who responds to cats in trees and people stuck on the side of the highway should not be armed, and/or should not be the same people who respond to gang shootings and domestic assault.
LOGAN LOOKER 2 kuukautta sitten
Shilling our to your criminal buddies to get a pay check your disgusting first you pretend to care about George Floyd now you spit on his grave for money screw you. P.S. there are no good cops because even if they are good people they uphold and follow unjust laws that makes them bad people if they don’t follow those unjust laws there bad cops and you lie all the time so don’t pretend your the least bit honest.
Pepe Incorporated
Pepe Incorporated 2 kuukautta sitten
Take money away from police and give it to the people who tackle the root causes of crimes
Malcolm Kennedy
Malcolm Kennedy 2 kuukautta sitten
I think we should implement this idea. Have an event every month or two that dedicates one night to having the cops and people just hang out and have fun. I'm sure people wouldn't be jackasses to officers if they where close friends. I'm also sure that police officers wouldn't commit police brutality if they knew there loved ones were watching or if it was someone they knew. More training would also be nice.
Celes e Fernal
Celes e Fernal 2 kuukautta sitten
Imagine when Larry realised how much he made in the entertainment industry without having to risk spending a day in Jail
Just the unboxing.
Just the unboxing. 2 kuukautta sitten
Maybe this could work but, still I think cutting unneeded funds would be better. (Love your vids!)
Hugo Balls
Hugo Balls 2 kuukautta sitten
Larry’s doing big things, Respect.
Jay Dice
Jay Dice 2 kuukautta sitten
I thought defunding the police was because we went from 72 no-knock swat raids a year in the 1980s to 521 a month this last year? Like isn't it to stop them from buying tanks.
Alt F4
Alt F4 2 kuukautta sitten
"You need to take money from the police to build basket ball courts" uhhh how about instead we take that money from these NBA players that get paid. SEVEN MILLION DOLLARS PER YEAR? SEVEN....MILLION......PER YEAR! take the money from them if you're so passionate about building basket ball courts. Then make the same NBA millionaires pay to maintain that court every year.
Alt F4
Alt F4 2 kuukautta sitten
Touching on the hiring topic you make a really good point there, if you ask me every single person that wants to be a cop should be required to learn some type of martial arts or ju jitsu. We can't hire fat slobs that are out of shape, and we definitely cant hire scrawny little scared kids to do this job, why? Because those are the people who are most likely going to go for their gun as a primary option, there's a lot of cases out there where if the officers knew some type of hand to hand techniques the suspect wouldn't have been killed.
Alt F4
Alt F4 2 kuukautta sitten
"I don't get why cops wouldn't want cameras" That's funny, because last I checked it was BLM that wanted to get rid of body cameras, not the other way around... Also, most departments want cameras but simply cant afford them..especially when every idiot wants to "DeFuNd ThE PoLiCe" dont know if you people realize it or not but those cameras are about $800 a piece on top of the tasers (which almost never work) that everyone wants to see which are another $800 a piece. Who do you expect to pay for all this? People want to defund the police which cuts their access to these items then they complain when police shootings can be one or the other, not both.
BSMotoVlogs 3 kuukautta sitten
A note on body cams. Our society judges before the proof is released. People on twitter go wild when theres no body cam footage released. When it is nobody cares because it proves them wrong.
BSMotoVlogs 3 kuukautta sitten
Darkness cannot drive out darkness only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate only love can do that. - Martin Luther King Jr.
Anarchic Tendencies KK4L
Anarchic Tendencies KK4L 3 kuukautta sitten
You should make a video about what you think happened to Jacob blake
Waffle Baker
Waffle Baker 3 kuukautta sitten
name here
name here 3 kuukautta sitten
First of all love your videos Larry basically watched them all. its hard to want to vote the 2 party system seems corrupt and rigged usually the people who win made deal with cooperation
Beesechurger 3 kuukautta sitten
In my town where we hang out every weekend a few officers come by and give mountain dews to everyone
Andrew Cavanaugh
Andrew Cavanaugh 3 kuukautta sitten
BLM! Fuck yes Larry
Arctic Shadow
Arctic Shadow 3 kuukautta sitten
Larry as the police commissioner would help tbh
Mathias Thomasen
Mathias Thomasen 3 kuukautta sitten
i love the qoutes you got in the background :)
Dave Allen
Dave Allen 3 kuukautta sitten
Larry I never knew that you were the only ex-con that has became a cop in the United States but when I first started listening to you and found out about that I didn't even know that was a thing that could possibly happen let an ex-con become a cop it's amazing but I see why I've never heard of it cuz you're the only one
jude martiniak
jude martiniak 3 kuukautta sitten
I’m like 99% sure he did not become a cop. He’s worked with law enforcement before but he’s not a cop.
Cory Madden
Cory Madden 3 kuukautta sitten
A little off topic, but it warms my heart knowing you're working with Lake St. Louis police. I myself grew up just over the bridge in West County. Keep doing you, Mr. Lawton.
jon doe
jon doe 3 kuukautta sitten
I fuckn love this guy. Its like listening to my cool ass grandpap telling old war stories. I smile everytime i hear "Lawr enforcement " 👍
Tim Dev
Tim Dev 3 kuukautta sitten
I think it's cute you guys think Community Policing is going to be a thing. Money talks.
Noah 3 kuukautta sitten
You should organise a discussion with Officer401 on FIpost!
Matt 3 kuukautta sitten
Ever see what happens when a company pays good money to its employees. They start giving a fuck, it attracts good employees and creates competitiveness in the feild. You get what you pay for. I think that point shouldn't be overlooked. It's a hard job and if you want good quality people you need to pay good money.
Liv Bensberg
Liv Bensberg 3 kuukautta sitten
I'm studying to be a therapist. I would happily work in the police department and work side by side with police. I was once told that police dont need another person to protect. Years of education beats weeks of training. I'll know more about addiction, drug abuse, mental illness, the natural human reaction, panic, and fear than any officer. If I got hurt in the process. I know what I'd signed up for.....
ClinicallyNsane 3 kuukautta sitten
Demilitarize, don't defund.
Chuck.U.Farley 3 kuukautta sitten
They need to get rid of the paramilitary stuff like armoured personnel carriers and humvees and I know it's hard to let go of something when it's become a cash cow but they need to get rid of the incentives and quotas to write tickets and they might win back some of the trust of the general public if they do this. They shouldnt be allowed to hide officers or cameras on blind hills and turns in a predatory or etrapment mindset either. They should have a percentage of each department dedicated to non violent property crimes like shoplifting or common theft that don't wear guns whose main objective is to engage with the community and build relationships with people, helping people when they are broken down in their car, showing kids how to fix the derailleur on their bike they might find they get tips on unsolved crimes that they wouldn't have recieved otherwise. Or make the Sherriff Department' entire mission to be engaged with the community, none of this pseudo elite police nonsense like they do in LA and many other cities, maybe change the uniform as well as lose the gun to make them look less threatening too, They would be amazed at what they pick up with the approach of killing with kindness instead to kicking down doors and making everyone feel like they are guilty of a crime they havent committed yet..
Pp Popo
Pp Popo 3 kuukautta sitten
Defunding will only dock their pay and drive more police officers to become dirty and get frustrated causing police brutality
Penguinsrockrgr8 Yt
Penguinsrockrgr8 Yt 3 kuukautta sitten
If anything the police need more funding to investigate corruption and get more training to prevent these situations
germanator 9000
germanator 9000 3 kuukautta sitten
Never put out a bad video keep it up great work
f1rebreather123 3 kuukautta sitten
We needed someone who took that middle position and stated the facts. You said it exactly how I have told many. The only difference being that people will listen to you. I think the biggest issue with saying defund the police is it sounds bad and some people don’t explain it well.
God Bless America
God Bless America 3 kuukautta sitten
Good job Larry. Don't let this anarchists defund our law force.
Bailey Taylor
Bailey Taylor 3 kuukautta sitten
In my opinion have like lots of sighns in the police place that says keep your camera on. If it’s not on Fired take his wage and it should be given to the other police little bit more
Kurtis Smouse
Kurtis Smouse 3 kuukautta sitten
Thats kinda what I said its sad that men or women have to college for years to practice law but a cop can enforce it after a few months thats ridiculous they need a hell of a lot more training
Nicole Geek
Nicole Geek 3 kuukautta sitten
I truly appreciate these insights, your wisdom and experience lends a lot to the conversation. What is your opinion on divvying police responsibility (ie. sending counselors for domestic violence and child abuse situations, mental health crises, etc.)? Do you think it should fall under an officer’s ideal training or be a separate entity?
the hydestr
the hydestr 3 kuukautta sitten
The best way to rob stores now is just say its a peaceful protest and your safe
cokeonmyasscrack 3 kuukautta sitten
Daniel Zepeda
Daniel Zepeda 3 kuukautta sitten
Classic, people like you who say "Acab" "defund the police" and NEVER back up their argument
Mapz Game
Mapz Game 3 kuukautta sitten
cokeonmyasscrack 3 kuukautta sitten
Mr.Lardexius yes
Lardexius 3 kuukautta sitten
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