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Larry Lawton

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Ex Prisoner Larry Lawton and his ex Prison Guard reunite and discuss their days together on opposite sides in Federal Prison FCI Jesup and what re-entry was like.. As Larry says, he was a good guard who treated prisoners fairly. He later served time for smuggling contraband to earn money to pay medical bills. Something the Federal Bureau of Prisons doesn't like.
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Ex Jewel Thief Larry Lawton spent 11 years in prison and now helps people make better decisions and fights for prison reform. #Guard #Prison #prisoner
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Answer: Tampa and then Orlando after going back to prison.
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I do not condone any of the negative behavior described. I have learned from the mistakes I have made and do not wish for anyone to recreate or attempt any of the events described.

Bumbayar Baum
Bumbayar Baum 19 tuntia sitten
sometimes i wonder if they are completely legally safe or is this stuff fake. Like arent they just confessing to stuff. won t they get in trouble or is it all accounted for.
Jackson Miller
Jackson Miller 4 päivää sitten
So basically... if you're a guard, treat the inmates like you're gonna be locked up with them someday, and so if you ever are, they'll be okay with you!!
Lob bob Yob
Lob bob Yob 5 päivää sitten
People who played baseball at the shipyard -->
Weldog 1234
Weldog 1234 8 päivää sitten
I got locked up, and told to leave the next day. Because of paperwork. I was honest and said, “I’m not supposed to leave for a while “. I was told get the fuck out”! Only to be put back in the following day. Because the my PO figured out what happened and called the jail and court. It’s all bullshit! Even when your trying to do the things they said to do to pay your debt. In there eyes we’re not human.
M R 9 päivää sitten
I’d love to see you and Chinamac in conversation. That would be so cool. I watch both of you and see so many similarities and I think some differences also
Larry Lawton
Larry Lawton 9 päivää sitten
I had my son reach out to him since he follows him. Never heard back
life in the arc lane
life in the arc lane 9 päivää sitten
I respect him for that, he's a stand up guy. Deep respect 👊
MOUTHBREATHER 9 päivää sitten
Regret implies that you had another option, a lot of people don't have an alternative choice to crime.
fjøsnissen !
fjøsnissen ! 9 päivää sitten
In my country prison is a 3 star hotel with your own playstation, bathroom, guest room in case your family is staying over for holidays, and Max sentence is about 21 years
I OFFER YOU THIS 10 päivää sitten
meanwhile guards who abuse inmates get raises
QuakerxD 12 päivää sitten
Regret is when u know u could have done the (moraly) right thing, but didnt. Its a sign of selfinsight if anything. Now that ur regreting something, it must be dealt with the right way in order to not keep regreting. In other words - learn from ur mistakes.
Peter Harridge
Peter Harridge 12 päivää sitten
Great Video. I am from the UK and it is astonishing to see this much abuse that you have talked about previously by guards. For example beating up every prisoner after one incident, admittedly a bad incident. How does that help the relationship between Prisoners and guards. In the UK I think that wouldn't happen, due I think to many people arguing for Prisoner's human rights to be adhered to. Anyway, wanted to address what you said about shock of the 1 year sentence that the ex guard received. The fact is that this was an abuse of trust and further corruption on quite a large scale. I personally believe he would have got more in the UK, possibly 3 years. But would have spent it all in a open prison, and also would have got out after a third of his sentence. I used to a know a guy who worked as an officer, and apparently people could just walk out and quite often this guy would chase after them and catch them (he was actually in the local running club which is how I knew him). So this is our equivalent of the camp that you speak of. What about the motivation for him starting this corruption. Clearly because of healthcare, sorry for straying into US politics, but if healthcare was free, wouldn't have happened. In the UK it is accepted by everyone that healthcare should be free. He seemed like an all round great guy, but I don't know if you have seen the comedy Porridge, a UK comedy based in a fictional Prison. Seems like he was Mr Barrowclough, rather than Mackay. Barrowclough was more friendly with the inmates than the guards. And Mackay was more like the other guards you have met. I certainly think that every guard who commits atrocities are criminal. The day the authorities treat prisoners better will be the day that there will be less abuses towards guards. And so a better time for all concerned. The idea that you should make a bad situation worse by treating prisoners badly is for the birds. Bad enough that you take away freedom and lock prisoners away. Treating people well is the minimum you should expect. As for Police in the US, I have had some dealings, a couple of times I was cycling on the freeway although I didn't know it was a freeway until I got on it (signs are pretty bad, probably looking in the wrong place). Anyway was it my English accent that made for a pleasant situation even though I was doing something illegal. Clear I didn't have a gun I suppose. So my question is, if in a Prison would my English accent save me? On Amtrak with my bike, I certainly got away with something that many Americans wouldn't have done. You may remember the Louise Woodward case, which was a case where a nanny was charged with Murder 1 and 2 when a baby died in her care. So I agree definitely with your opinion (maybe not in this video) that prosecutors should be looking for the truth rather than winning a case. There is no doubt that the prosecutors in that case were wrong in asking for Murder 1 or 2. In the event, they tried to change it to Murder 3, Woodward declined and somehow the jury said guilty. Clearly a miscarriage of justice, as couldn't have been pre meditated. So the Judge threw the verdict out which was incredible to see and just wouldn't have happened here. I think though that it remained on Woodward's record so wouldn't be allowed back in the US although no Prison time was served. Anyway how would she have got on in the US prison system? She was from the North of England and I had difficulty myself with some of her speech which I think was why she had a hard time of it in the witness box. They didn't get much of what she was saying.
AV84USA 12 päivää sitten
Q: What happened to the guy that snitched on him?
Sarrueche Foreign
Sarrueche Foreign 14 päivää sitten
I’m glad I found your channel and I’m a new subscriber keep it up pls I’m learning a lot from you 💪💙
AkBub 14 päivää sitten
This makes me think that some inmates are deeper thinkers and "quote unquote" better people than the guards that oversee them.
Ryan Rogala
Ryan Rogala 16 päivää sitten
I wish there were more men like Gary. Not just in the penitentiary but everywhere. Empathy is a trait of the strong and smart. He did not deserve a sentencing for what he did but he did break the law. But still I think he is a good guy
Richard Anderson
Richard Anderson 16 päivää sitten
I was at a MDOC facility as a guard and was exactly like Gary and was very comfortable around the prisoners. I think probably because I used to hang around with gangsters and thugs but nerver got caught.
I Cummins
I Cummins 17 päivää sitten
Nice guy good work man
Filthy Chicken UFC Prediction !!!
Filthy Chicken UFC Prediction !!! 17 päivää sitten
I’m tired of the damn red wood stacking commercial... damn man
ZZBUDZZ 18 päivää sitten
Great interview !
ED Mola
ED Mola 18 päivää sitten
Myself being a current CO, you bring shame to all COs. You had an oath to keep and you broke it. COs are to be impartial. On the other hand, Larry, I like your channel. There needs to be more educational and rehabilitative programs in prison. I think when an inmate has more access to improve himself, he is more likely to succeed and not reoffend. On the other hand, the prison I work at has a diminishing discipline system. Inmates can receive infractions for drugs numerous occasions and get bunk restriction only. Inmates attack other officers and inmates and the punishment received is not rehabilitating the inmate, nor teaching them accountability. I'd like to see a federal or state program that would allow inmates to drop down to minimum or work release security status to perform public infrastructure jobs to earn time off their sentence and a little money. Roads, bridges, repair etc. Call it the Incarcerated Public Infrastructure Program
OMRMJD 19 päivää sitten
"meaning brother in Muslim" ummmthere is no language or area called Muslim. I wonder what language he was talking about.
Justin Li
Justin Li 17 päivää sitten
@OMRMJD Oh ok. I'm not even sure if ock is Arabic, because I always call my local deli guy ock. But I just searched it up "ock" and apparently it's a shortened version of the Arabic word "akhee".
OMRMJD 18 päivää sitten
@Justin Li I didnt think he was being racist, ignorant yes, but not racist. Was just interested which language he refered to.
Justin Li
Justin Li 18 päivää sitten
He doesn’t seem like a racist or bad guy and probably didn’t mean any offense by it. You gotta keep in mind that he’s from down south and probably just associates Arabic with Islam.
Drew Coggins
Drew Coggins 19 päivää sitten
1k away from 1 million larry!!
louie 20 päivää sitten
1k left till 1m lets gooo
ᴠ ᴇ ᴀ ᴢ ɪ x
ᴠ ᴇ ᴀ ᴢ ɪ x 20 päivää sitten
hey Larryyy
Dave Chef
Dave Chef 21 päivä sitten
Good guys.
Kyle S
Kyle S 21 päivä sitten
I’ve been watching you since 10k subs. Nice work dude!
I Rant
I Rant 21 päivä sitten
Love Ya Larry but whens the next GTA video feel like i haven't seen one in months and need my monthly heist lessons by Larry.
Google Name
Google Name 22 päivää sitten
I thought this was the piss guard.
Mark 22 päivää sitten
this is great
General Tso's Chicken
General Tso's Chicken 22 päivää sitten
25:15 holy shit that’s so motivating
General Tso's Chicken
General Tso's Chicken 22 päivää sitten
This guy is a good role model, he’s been through it and is very humble
Dane Slayer
Dane Slayer 24 päivää sitten
Great video, wish them both the best in life.
Jay Yu
Jay Yu 24 päivää sitten
did you grow up in the same area as Dom Deluise? Some words you say sound exactly like him
Modal Soul
Modal Soul 25 päivää sitten
What do we need to do to make our voices heard for any sort of reform? Yes I understand that it's prison and people are doing time for bad things that need punishment but they are also humans. There should be something like levels of treatment from seriously bad crimes to minor cause if its just something petty like stealing from a store and minor drug use ect you can reform your self from the minor stuff.
Shroomlord 420
Shroomlord 420 26 päivää sitten
Podcast larry Every Saturday at 8 pm to 10 pm Let's start a petition
Jack Skellington
Jack Skellington 26 päivää sitten
Gary, very respectfully, I believe I'm not alone when I say that this episode would've been better if you controlled interrupting him and let him lead the discussion, even though you're asking the questions. We want to hear what he has to say after you ask, and when you cut him off it made it hard to listen to because he couldn't get to his point a few times. Hope all is well! Take care.
Flubby Flooble
Flubby Flooble 26 päivää sitten
I'm dying to meet you both, Larry!! Larry and Gary, friends for life!! Also, how can I connect with you directly? Snapchat or anything like that? I love your videos!
The King Viper
The King Viper 27 päivää sitten
Respect to the guard for being good dude.
VCVortex 27 päivää sitten
The more we hear from Gary, the better. You two make a great team.
chinacat 27 päivää sitten
"ot means brother in muslim" lmao
Rodrigo Delgado
Rodrigo Delgado 27 päivää sitten
Gary should start his own channel. Ill bet al least 100k larry fans will subsribe to him as well
ditroia 27 päivää sitten
Hope things are going well for you now Gary.
blakebodaciousFTW 27 päivää sitten
wow this episode was amazing.
tattoogoon 27 päivää sitten
i think i understand why you keep saying most cops are good larry but i think you are wrong - when uniforms start arresting uniforms for their illegal acts we can say there are good cops until then they are all in it together
John Duff
John Duff 28 päivää sitten
Really good video
Treestandsafety 28 päivää sitten
What we have here is a lack of failure, to communicate!
Mikemetroid 28 päivää sitten
So whens the 1m sub party?
Owen Salvador
Owen Salvador 28 päivää sitten
Do you have a podcast? I would love to listen to these when I’m driving
javier mori
javier mori 28 päivää sitten
Lar,can you do review on Escape at Dallemora?
Cajunflyer78 28 päivää sitten
Where are the captions for deaf people?
Philip Sheppard
Philip Sheppard 28 päivää sitten
Try and interview a former inmate from ADX Florence
Castiere 28 päivää sitten
Pontus Wulff
Pontus Wulff 28 päivää sitten
Hey Larry a youtuber by the name *Brandon F* just released a video (Ghost Tours are Silly) where he talks a bit about a ghost tour exploiting a real crime that happened to an an inmate in an old prison. Even if its not Video worthy i thought that it might be something you could be interested in watching.
Jakob G
Jakob G 28 päivää sitten
Hey Larry could you make a video where you react to Escape from Alcatraz? (The movie)
Grant porebski
Grant porebski 28 päivää sitten
Lookup my uncle mark chopper Reid, FIpost
Grant porebski
Grant porebski 28 päivää sitten
You remind me of uncle mark, chopper Reid
Михаил Семенов
Михаил Семенов 28 päivää sitten
Kim Osborn
Kim Osborn 28 päivää sitten
I love your videos you are so good at telling your experiences. I heard you say you were at perry in simpsonville sc. My brother was a guard there during times you were locked up I'm wondering if you remember him ? Tim Oxford? Blessings peace love and light.
Ted Nugent
Ted Nugent 28 päivää sitten
I would LOVE to see a video of Larry, either going back to the stores he robbed (if legally able to) or meeting any of the victims and talking to them about it.
SweetSpot70 9 päivää sitten
I would really like to hear from his victims. I would not be surprised if some suffered from PTSD from what Larry did to them.
Stefan Nikolic
Stefan Nikolic 28 päivää sitten
I love the vids. Can you pls react to the pink panter gang, they rob jewel around the world and are really good. They are aswell a serbian, bosnian, croat( balkan ex yugoslavia gang)
Alex a Tkacsik
Alex a Tkacsik 28 päivää sitten
can't take down the best!!
skovmose 28 päivää sitten
Keep going my guy
skovmose 28 päivää sitten
Yo bro your so close to 1M
Van Damage
Van Damage 28 päivää sitten
Great episode Larr.
Juke Box Hero
Juke Box Hero 29 päivää sitten
Hey Larry. I just ordered your book on your website. Any ideas when I can expect to receive it? I ordered November 1st. AAnd, today it still says “awaiting processing.”
petar simac
petar simac 29 päivää sitten
Make a video on the Pink Panthers, please.
Dokir7 29 päivää sitten
#larryletmetranslate please I’m your fan from russia 🇷🇺
KpuBoe Co3DaHue
KpuBoe Co3DaHue 29 päivää sitten
Hi Larry, I'm from the Russian-speaking community. We mostly found out about you through the DeeVan Games channel. Your stories are very interesting,I would listen to them further and further. We would be very happy if you would allow someone to translate your videos in the future.
Jacob Tracc
Jacob Tracc 29 päivää sitten
like to dudes in their 20s talking about their college days 😂
Jacob Tracc
Jacob Tracc 29 päivää sitten
*two dudes
Meko Unknown
Meko Unknown 29 päivää sitten
That advise to prison guards was the exact advice I got when I started as a CO: Treat the inmates with respect and never forget that despite what they may have done, they are still human. I pass that on today. This guy was one of the good ones clearly.
Just my Opinions
Just my Opinions 23 päivää sitten
One of the good ones only because he brought in contraband for inmates smh.
Modz_Legothelizard 29 päivää sitten
Hey Larry I know when you were talking about con air and how your chained up what happens if con air crashes how can inmates save them self?
Crystal Lamp
Crystal Lamp 29 päivää sitten
Omg omg omg what is with the gta 5 videos you kept saying that you were going to master huh??? You can't even deliver on that soo you keep making prison videos. You fit in with gta soo keep doing it. Please
Justin W
Justin W 29 päivää sitten
Love to see men like Garry turn around. I was looking at 22 years at age 15. I got 3. Worst juvenile prison in my state. I was beaten daily, had to join a gang. It was horrible. We need full on prison reform. The current system doesn’t work. It makes the bad worse and the worst even more horrible. It’s rife with corruption as you can see. Please folks. It’s up to us to change it. It’s a horrible combo of crony corporations and government mushed together.
Mark MD
Mark MD 29 päivää sitten
Pretty cool vid 👍
A20 Fitness
A20 Fitness 29 päivää sitten
Yo can we have A Tutorial on how to properly make love to A Man. Asking for A friend 🧐👀
Nick Johnson
Nick Johnson 29 päivää sitten
Love the channel Larry. I’d like to see more cooking videos if you have any or show us how you made your wine and white lighting. Either way Love the channel
Fun While It Lasted
Fun While It Lasted 29 päivää sitten
Love your channel Larry! Very helpful for a criminal justice major ⚖
Nathan Duncan
Nathan Duncan 29 päivää sitten
Just watched your prison slang video. Had no idea your tattoos were prison made, pretty impressive they look nice!
daniel roufaeil
daniel roufaeil 29 päivää sitten
The other guy was being kinna racist 3:29 - Brother in Muslim (Muslim isn't a language)
daniel roufaeil
daniel roufaeil 24 päivää sitten
@javier mori He was being racist styll
javier mori
javier mori 28 päivää sitten
How is that racist?he just misspoke or isnt knowlegable about the language.doesnt make him bad guy or racist
Chase Sutley
Chase Sutley 29 päivää sitten
Larry's smoking the ganga !!!!
Puff A
Puff A 29 päivää sitten
Larry lawton can teach u that people can change
Kyle labrosse
Kyle labrosse 29 päivää sitten
Just out of curiosity Larry, if you didnt learn the law a bit would you have had to have finished those 4 back to back 12 yr sentences, or would you have still only got it down to one 12 yr sentence from a lawyer? How did you manage to reduce all that time? Sorry if this has been answered already.
Cole Egan
Cole Egan 29 päivää sitten
Could u react to the breaking bad prison kiling scene?
Code Underground
Code Underground 29 päivää sitten
You can't keep telling us GTA is coming and never do it. I dont think larry understands that I bet that a lot of his initial subs were gamers wanting to see a real criminal react to and play the games they love. That's how I found Larry and I bet that's how you did too.. Damn Larry you had your niche man so you should respect the thing that put you on the map in the first place. I bet most of us don't care how to make prison pizza. I'm trying to tell you Larry, none of us would even know who you were if it wasn't for us gamers watching a jewel thief react to and play heists in their favorite games. I can guarantee if you started FIpost making prison pizza Noone would even know your name and now your just abandoning the people and the very thing that boosted you on this platform. Throwing in some Lester jokes to keep us originals strung along as if to say hey remember when I used to do that thing everyone enjoyed. Another thing is I think Larry might have under estimated the size of gaming on FIpost and maybe thought he could only get so far with that. But little did he know it's fucking huge and he actually found a corner of the market that didn't exists. A brand new niche and an easy street to millions and millions of subs.
GDFight 29 päivää sitten
Larry what you actually think about this guy because he’s still a cop in the end of it still
James Honeycutt
James Honeycutt 29 päivää sitten
Great part 2 Larry!
patricia verde
patricia verde 29 päivää sitten
0:56 My entire life changed thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Widowsson abif
Widowsson abif 29 päivää sitten
Massey, what did you do to get busted? If you knew what you did as a BOP staff was a crime, what caused you to cross the line? What was your BOP title? Correctional officers, CMS, Food Service foremen? Something caused you to violate your oath and honor? I know you will not say. Inmates, cons and dirty staff have a tendency to justify their crimes. Not all inmates, mores especially cons, are straight up will tell why but from listening to this video and listening to you, I doubt you will; but give it a try and try helping others to understand why they shouldn't do what you did and keep them out of prison. Lawton claims that is his purpose. I enjoy listening to Lawton but you are a different story. Listening to your disgusting actions and interactions, tells me (subjective opinion) you when you got busted, you rolled over to get a reduction in time. You said give respect, you get repect. You gave no respect and you got no respect. When an inmate considers you cool, means they have no respect for you. Cool officers are weak. As a union official, I feel sorry the employees who needed your help. I got you sized up. More gangster than a man on a Square. I spent over 31 years in both state and federal prisons since the early 70's. I have seen and met many staff who were dirty. The things they had in common were: They were dirty because they were afraid, weak and greedy. My subjective opinion from listen to your BS, you met all three of those attributes. In closing, when an office/staff bring contraband into a prison, their actions put inmates and staff in danger. When you let a drunk return to his cell and not lock him in SHU, you really put others in danger. Did you not think about that or just didn't care? In prison, nothing is worse than an unstable inmate/con on hooch. The vast majority of assualts and shankings I have known were from intoxicated inmates on hooch.
Mario Posada
Mario Posada 29 päivää sitten
Hey Larry! New fan of your channel. Love the content! Have you considered making merch with the phrase "...and I'll never forget!" or something to that effect? Whenever I hear that in your videos, i know you're about to tell us something BIG. I'd buy that in an instant! Thanks for doing what you do, and making a change in the world.
Brett Drollet
Brett Drollet 29 päivää sitten
What do you think of Franzese on pat mcafee podcast
Bailey Porter
Bailey Porter 29 päivää sitten
Holly shit larry relax. Last time i watched a vid you where at 350k. How tf are you growing so fast, damn good luck to you hitting 2 mil.
Arman Sembhi
Arman Sembhi 29 päivää sitten
Turn ur prison experience into a movie
NIGHT 29 päivää sitten
Hey from the uk
markange 29 päivää sitten
This may sound crazy but Larry and Gary could survive a nuclear war or a zombie apocalypse. You guys are so great together. Great eavesdropping on your friendship.
The Flipping Show
The Flipping Show 29 päivää sitten
2 weeks left according to socialblade to hit a million! Very well deserved. Change trauma into a career. that´s insane. So much respect
James Brown
James Brown 29 päivää sitten
I almost died when they were talking about the Superbowl party xD
bigpapatay 29 päivää sitten
I could honestly hangout and get along with both of these guys
Ditch 29 päivää sitten
Can you please play the escapists 2? its a prison game and I'm sure people would like to see you play it
Gonz 29 päivää sitten
Larry how do you feel about Oregon being the first state to decriminalize ALL drug possession. 🤨
Catherine Sophia
Catherine Sophia 29 päivää sitten
Mr. Lawton, I sent you an email and it is a serious topic. Sorry for bothering you, sir. I just need a little advice. Also, I enjoy your interviews with people, it really sheds light on the legal system and people's experiences with it.
MikeG Russakoff
MikeG Russakoff 29 päivää sitten
Love your videos larry,thanks
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