Former Jewel Thief Reviews Grand Theft Auto V's Merryweather Heist | 87 |

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Larry Lawton

6 kuukautta sitten

Watch Larry Lawton, Former Jewel Thief, Review Grand Theft Auto V Merryweather Heist. It's a GTA 5 experience worth watching.
Ex Jewel Thief Larry Lawton spent 11 years in prison and now helps people make better decisions and fights for prison reform. #Lawton #Prison #Mob
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I do not condone any of the negative behavior described. I have learned from the mistakes I have made and do not wish for anyone to recreate or attempt any of the events described.

attasuperboys 6 kuukautta sitten
Imagine if we all emailed Rockstar @ to get Larry into GTA VI. Just Imagine
Sa Ga
Sa Ga 7 päivää sitten
I was just thinking 🤔💡 the same thing especially with VR technology. Rockstar games and L.L. inc.
Алан Гагиев
Алан Гагиев Uukausi sitten
Did that too! Hope they'll hear us
Marksman 2 kuukautta sitten
GTA IV Online update: The larry heists
dang 2543
dang 2543 3 kuukautta sitten
I wanna see Larry and Lester in the game, just 2 see the competition in their heist planning. That would also be a gr8 ending
Hella Bastos N8 Gaming
Hella Bastos N8 Gaming 4 kuukautta sitten
Larry Lawton make LARRY A REAL CHARACTER ,!! Plz we all do !!
Jokerfan45 2 päivää sitten
Have you looked at the FIB heist?
Joseph von Dragunov
Joseph von Dragunov 2 päivää sitten
It's a video game. Calm down.
get out
get out 3 päivää sitten
"Who knows how to drive the submarine?" In Gta u can drive everything even a jet or flying bikes or flying cars
Mai san
Mai san 8 päivää sitten
if you did not know trevor was millitary i think airforce so he has some experience behind a plane and i think the controls are pretty simular on my mind
The Canadian Gamer Robert
The Canadian Gamer Robert 11 päivää sitten
There’s a thing called sonic boom and that’s the reason why if you have a suppressor the sound isn’t really quiet, a little fact
mitsuni taïko
mitsuni taïko 14 päivää sitten
Merryweather isn't just a security force, it's a shadow army, cops don't know they're here and Merryweather likes it that way
mitsuni taïko
mitsuni taïko 14 päivää sitten
some preparations for heists do cost money, but they can't have this consequence of "if you fail the heist, you loose money" because in GTA V when you fail any mission time rerolls to the beginning of the mission, so you never failed the mission, I think it would be a lot of work to do the consequences of failed heists because heists are major parts of the plot, for example, if they had failed the jewel score in any way, the rest of GTA V wouldn't have happened at all. So it's too much to ask to make failed heists
Jason Baber
Jason Baber 19 päivää sitten
Is anyone going to talk about how all 3 characters are dressed up like Larry
IsThisRealL1fe EPIC
IsThisRealL1fe EPIC 24 päivää sitten
So happy I found this channel lol
Eddie MacK
Eddie MacK Uukausi sitten
Larry if you want to see some crazy unrealistic shit play Saints Row unfortunately you can't get 1 or 2 on the newer systems but you can get 3 and 4, I think you'd prefer 3
Gage Smith
Gage Smith Uukausi sitten
Marryweather is private army security
PyramidHead138 Uukausi sitten
what about the mission where you go to the platform?
The Random Artist
The Random Artist Uukausi sitten
I honestly like Lester cause he’s able to direct the chaos of these three into a fine point, each of them is their own brand of chaos, and give Lester this he has the brain to put and fit each of them in their own way into their own spots.
Amadeus Reignald
Amadeus Reignald Uukausi sitten
I love larry so much, not a second of this video is boring!
B Lee
B Lee Uukausi sitten
Wonder if L has got to the missions that allow him that sub or the raft with dive equipment yet? THOSE Would be fun videos to see. I remember I spent days just diving or driving around under water. Loved the endless SCUBA tank & the "Yellow Submarine".
Jake Antriasian
Jake Antriasian Uukausi sitten
The way he says “i don't believe in bad people, i believe in bad choices“ reminds me of a statement by trump. Im not saying this from a political standpoint, but a factual one. Trump said “there are extremists on the right AND on the left. But there are also good people on both sides”
Its_Daemo Uukausi sitten
Lester is no boss he is the fence and kind of the tech guy plus he knows some of the players he mentioned Nico from GTA IV and how he went silent. Someone needs to Mod larry into the game both offline and online. A mission or heist where Larry takes over from Lester
avif Priangga
avif Priangga 2 kuukautta sitten
trevor is a former airforce pilot i think so maybe it'll make sense if he know how to drive that thing or maybe idk he's just crazy and yolo it
Simas fm
Simas fm 2 kuukautta sitten
If gta have some brain then they let player disable suppressor silencer off weapon because silence nothing good when all goes laud :D
Grazed Death
Grazed Death 2 kuukautta sitten
trevor actually had a buyer set up for the superweapon
Capt. Swish
Capt. Swish 2 kuukautta sitten
The reason why Cops weren't involved was because it would look bad on Merryweather. Merryweather denied all reports of them getting attacked when reported in the news. It doesnt make sense yeah but that's the in-game explanation
Lord Laughter
Lord Laughter 2 kuukautta sitten
Lets face it, we all know Lester was in the hospital because of Larry.
auzzz 2 kuukautta sitten
What if they made a Larry Lawton DLC.
Hemant Dhamija
Hemant Dhamija 2 kuukautta sitten
Wait, you really die by jumping into water from 40ft high? I think there are people who have done 30-35ft without a scratch.
Mikkel Fuglsbjerg
Mikkel Fuglsbjerg 2 kuukautta sitten
Big fan of this series, but The guy playing is absolutely shit at GTA
FishyBoi 2 kuukautta sitten
3:30 That's part of Wade's character
Tolis Doesn’t care
Tolis Doesn’t care 2 kuukautta sitten
Larry should be in gta 6
Nathan Ledbetter
Nathan Ledbetter 2 kuukautta sitten
The dude (wade) is covered in waste because, during the set up mission, your crew poses as a union work team. The dude (wade) gets assigned to a waste cleanup detail, and has to clean up a sewage leak. Ergo, covered in crap
Johnny Huang
Johnny Huang 2 kuukautta sitten
Larry could I please play with you
DreamTeam Creations
DreamTeam Creations 3 kuukautta sitten
You should have a discord, so your gunmen, drivers, and hackers could communicate with you, and I would love to get on it.
Toxic Boy
Toxic Boy 3 kuukautta sitten
He already does. Its just in beta. I think about 2k people were allowed in. I myself was lucky enough to be one of them
CorndogCrusader 3 kuukautta sitten
Nah, Larry, you can legally own a suppressor in the US, you just have to do paperwork and it gets put on a registry.
ET nutjob
ET nutjob 3 kuukautta sitten
Love you videos mate keep them coming
dog human
dog human 3 kuukautta sitten
GTA VI Should be about Larry’s life, and recreate the robberies that he did as realistically as possible
AbyssWalker Gaming
AbyssWalker Gaming 3 kuukautta sitten
Have you thought of doing these kinds of reviews for the actual heists in Payday 1 or 2?
RedBear 3 kuukautta sitten
Larry: plays and reviews GTA Me: ruined for life playing gta
Adam Bradshaw
Adam Bradshaw 3 kuukautta sitten
Larry needs to get on ps4
dang 2543
dang 2543 3 kuukautta sitten
Honestly, i would join Larry's crew in GTA online
Weston Brown
Weston Brown 3 kuukautta sitten
What do you play on a console or pc
Manuel Gutierrez
Manuel Gutierrez 3 kuukautta sitten
It’s a video game not based on real life events. So the way he is thinking is not how the video game scenarios would really work so how a real thief does the robbery and everything wouldn’t happen in a video game. It’s only a video game to have fun with it’s not based on any real events.
john leek
john leek 4 kuukautta sitten
John54688 add me I'm on pc
2020isShit 4 kuukautta sitten
You didn't ask yourself why this dumb mofos are keeping a Super Weapon at a port in the open wind 🤦🏻‍♂️
Hella Bastos N8 Gaming
Hella Bastos N8 Gaming 4 kuukautta sitten
So many LARRY’s on this job haha
SEPTICDEATH200 4 kuukautta sitten
Larry, Merryweather can’t call the police because they’re doing illegal stuff
Dog Master
Dog Master 4 kuukautta sitten
Cody Byas
Cody Byas 4 kuukautta sitten
Larry needs his own character in the next gta game, and he and Lester need to have a showdown! Larry is the new boss
Time_YT 4 kuukautta sitten
"It should cost you to set up a robbery" Yeah but wait until the heist crashers show up in your lobby and leave right before the heist ends.
Red Beard
Red Beard 4 kuukautta sitten
A suppressor is actully pretty easy to come by, its just a background check, a 200$ tax stamp and the price of it.
For sure
For sure 4 kuukautta sitten
Whoever is playing needs to learn how to aim and flick
broisfunny 4 kuukautta sitten
They only make you pay for online heists when you replay them
Valentine Siobhan
Valentine Siobhan 4 kuukautta sitten
i want larry to listen to the ads they have on the radio in the game. they’re the funniest things in the fuckin world lmaooo
AyoubZaWeeb 4 kuukautta sitten
Trevor was in the military I believe, that's why he knows how to pilot a plane and drive a submarine better than the other two.
AyoubZaWeeb 4 kuukautta sitten
I think at least for Larry, if HE DOES GET INVOLVED, hopefully! I hope he can help Rockstar make the police and normal robberies in the game (outside of heists and missions) more realistic (hostage situations, response times, tactics and all that) while in Heists too (but we like crazy shit so not fully but about 80% realism is great!!)
ISGREAT 4 kuukautta sitten
You should review Gta 4's heist. Mission is "Three leafs cover". Also. the game was set in the 2008 so technology wouldn't that good.
Michael Asher
Michael Asher 4 kuukautta sitten
I’ll help you Larry what’s your gamertag
LordQuacksAlot 4 kuukautta sitten
Сокол 4 kuukautta sitten
23:53 bruh he will use his ability and fuck you up :)
MAGiK 4 kuukautta sitten
Glad to know he said it was a suppressor not a silencer
FBI 4 kuukautta sitten
How do u vote?
4 year old Timmy From the pub
4 year old Timmy From the pub 4 kuukautta sitten
Misssion failed: your heart beated
George Erhard
George Erhard 4 kuukautta sitten
As for the 'cost'... often the setup is stealing the gear you need.
Tom HD
Tom HD 4 kuukautta sitten
look at red dead redemption heists
UFO BEYOND STARS 4 kuukautta sitten
wtf, all three character are like him in a red t shirt
Nick Olson
Nick Olson 4 kuukautta sitten
tbh Darian (i think that's how it's spelled) is actually kind of a shitty shot, even for a controller user
Csaba Jerovszky
Csaba Jerovszky 4 kuukautta sitten
This guy is so bad
AsteroidManx172 4 kuukautta sitten
@Larry Lawton I'd love to play with you on Xbox if take you in the casino heist any day
Archie Matthews
Archie Matthews 4 kuukautta sitten
Mary weather is a private security company so they do what they want and make what they want as long as the police department wouldn't have anything to do with what they do
searchlockin 4 kuukautta sitten
React to pacific standard heist in gta online
Lord Flipyap
Lord Flipyap 4 kuukautta sitten
I wish I could afford to pay 99.99 a month :(
SilverSilentStealth 4 kuukautta sitten
one word Legend
dudebro manguy
dudebro manguy 4 kuukautta sitten
Robber: *exists for 1 sec* Larry: That's where it went wrong
TexanTube 4 kuukautta sitten
In certain states, you can buy one but you have to have a lot of paperwork and it's a waiting period. Texas does allow it with those requirements needed at the gun store.
ControversyRadio 4 kuukautta sitten
I'm in Larry. Let's hit GTA. Let me know what you need me to do.
Java M
Java M 4 kuukautta sitten
My favorite part is how there all dressed like you
Christopher Groenewald
Christopher Groenewald 4 kuukautta sitten
They would be able to get rid of it because trever's day job is selling drugs and weapons to other countries and had previously made a few deals with the Chinese triad so he already had buyers lined up
Christopher Groenewald
Christopher Groenewald 4 kuukautta sitten
The characters call it a submarine but the official name given by the game is minisub
Christopher Groenewald
Christopher Groenewald 4 kuukautta sitten
Wade is covered in waste because during the scope out they had to pretend to be dock workers and wade was on a waste clearance crew
Cool Jackster
Cool Jackster 4 kuukautta sitten
18:35 Larry, Impotent Rage is a character from a tv show Trevor likes in the game.
Npc517 4 kuukautta sitten
Achievement achieved you stole a super weapon from merry weather.... and gave it back
Leon AC
Leon AC 4 kuukautta sitten
I would love to play with Larry!! Imagine how fun that would be 😂😂😂😂
IG memes4koolkiddies
IG memes4koolkiddies 4 kuukautta sitten
DODGESPAWN 4 kuukautta sitten
When you asked where the cops were at a little thing to know is that Merryweather Security are mercenaries. But yes the cops would’ve came if they heard all that gunfire.
Razor jaw86
Razor jaw86 4 kuukautta sitten
More heist reviews
Cursed Hawkins
Cursed Hawkins 4 kuukautta sitten
I'm pretty sure when it comes to super weapons, those things aren't "oh this got stolen well we'll search for a few hours before calling it quits" those things are gonna require a much bigger response from not just law enforcement but also the military, take for example robbing a damn nuke or several like PayDay 2 has you do, that's literally gonna call for a huge response because these literally can be used for acts of terrorism.
Joseph Afflitto
Joseph Afflitto 4 kuukautta sitten
Hey Larry! I’m a new fan and I can’t get enough of your videos. Keep up the great work
Stock n Earn
Stock n Earn 4 kuukautta sitten
You never know whos watching, keep it up 👀🙏
MsJillVicious 4 kuukautta sitten
So I'm finally playing through the game, but I've sent the past year trying to get a handle on the driving (I'm definitely not a gamer). Now I'm playing through and I'm terrible at shooting, so I have no problem giving myself as much help as possible: there are settings to turn on aim assistance, and you can increase the size if the reticle
Leland March
Leland March 4 kuukautta sitten
He should play red dead redemption 2
Alexander Minehan
Alexander Minehan 5 kuukautta sitten
He's wearing a shirt with his own quote on it ! XD
SQT gunner
SQT gunner 5 kuukautta sitten
Merryweather isn't just a security company they are a militia with attack helicopters and probably tanks and armored cars with mounted turrets
Jagielski Gaming
Jagielski Gaming 5 kuukautta sitten
13:43 Keep in mind that Merryweather is more like Blackwater than normal security firm - a military contractor.
Jagielski Gaming
Jagielski Gaming 5 kuukautta sitten
Larry, if you are playing on the PC, I'd suggest mouse and keyboard over a controller - both driving and shooting is much easier with them.
YOUR MOM 5 kuukautta sitten
I’ll help you Larry
YOUR.NAME 5 kuukautta sitten
Lester was in the hospital before so thats why he is wearing what hes wearing
Gucci Stan
Gucci Stan 5 kuukautta sitten
I got your back larry
YOUR.NAME 5 kuukautta sitten
that is the most boring heist in GTA 5 in my opinion
Gucci Stan
Gucci Stan 5 kuukautta sitten
Real question Larry, do you play on PC or on Xbox?
CCLinux 5 kuukautta sitten
Matticus Madness
Matticus Madness 5 kuukautta sitten
Lester wasn't the boss of this one. Just sayin'. 2:51 Wade was sent down into sewers in the prep mission beforehand. 3:38 Wade's from meth-land. 13:30 Merryweather wouldn't shout for the police, they've got a serious ego problem for the most part. They'd think they could handle it themselves. 25:03 Trevor actually has Chinese connections at this point in the story.
Abhi 5 kuukautta sitten
Lester: Farts Larry: That's it Heist over, why are we paying him
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