Going Back to Prison with Ex Prisoner and Jewel Thief Larry Lawton - FCI Jesup | 151 |

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Larry Lawton

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Take a trip with Larry as he goes back to FCI Jesup Georgia prison. Ex prisoners always get chills when they get near their old haunts and Larry is no different with this Federal Correctional Institution. Wonder if the Federal Bureau of Prisons was watching.
FCI Jesup Info: www.bop.gov/locations/institutions/jes/
Ex Jewel Thief Larry Lawton spent 11 years in prison and now helps people make better decisions and fights for prison reform. #Lawton #Prison #Mob
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Answer: The last 3 digits are where you were processed. Then everything is about your number. Mail, phone, what prison you will originally be sent to. Region-wise.
I do not condone any of the negative behavior described. I have learned from the mistakes I have made and do not wish for anyone to recreate or attempt any of the events described.

BL Guerrilla Entertainment
BL Guerrilla Entertainment 4 päivää sitten
Going back to prison, Larry???! I thought I told you you got to know what you're stealing first of all. Oh wait now I get it. 😄Silly me. 😏
CAR MAC 1 9 päivää sitten
Lol the Hulk 😂🤣😂🤣
CAR MAC 1 9 päivää sitten
Great Video .but you look like in the RV . like you are pickup prisoners .🤣🤣🤣👍🇨🇦
Isaac C
Isaac C 14 päivää sitten
It funny how he smoking a cigar in the RV
damien gytenbeek
damien gytenbeek 16 päivää sitten
18:31 lolll
Fireman 17
Fireman 17 16 päivää sitten
You should go see the Mississippi State Prison!
Joel C.
Joel C. 17 päivää sitten
"and thats my qeue to get tf out, see you later guys" **starts running** 😂
Ashley Morrison
Ashley Morrison 18 päivää sitten
I like how the video was created to give a basic understanding at FCI Jesup, but it had the opportunity to be more informative. I understand you could not gain access to inside of the prison, which sucks because we need more documentaries on prisons. It would have provided better insight if you had talked more about what day to day life inside is like. Maybe give a chronological description of a prisoner's day starting from wake up to lights out. Perhaps give examples of the food at Jesup and how it compares to state prisons or penitentiary. Tell us in more detail the predominant offences for the low level, medium level and the camp. Plus once you talk about a topic don't come back to it again later in the video, like with the tactic of opportunity on how an inmate can go to the property border and receive contraband. Thank you for doing the video though because there isn't any available information on Jesup besides location and what level they are.
Scott Davis
Scott Davis 20 päivää sitten
It's your first amendment right if you're on public property you can film anything you can see you cannot trespass the eyes. awesome videos
Oldsmobile 98
Oldsmobile 98 20 päivää sitten
American prisons are resort compared to russian prison nowadays
Jakob Smith
Jakob Smith 22 päivää sitten
11:45 Now we know where all the wall street assholes go if they even get anytime at all
warm toaster
warm toaster 23 päivää sitten
Let's not lie his story sound like some Brad from gta type shi
FoxRcng708 23 päivää sitten
Yea, no shit, I dont think anyone could do that course on their head...
terry seenarine
terry seenarine 24 päivää sitten
Your the most interesting person on youtube man keep it up !!
Miss Kelly
Miss Kelly 26 päivää sitten
Came across Larry out of blue on FIpost feed..... now can’t stop watching!!!!
SteveO Kenivo
SteveO Kenivo 27 päivää sitten
Special Operations Response Team, and those guys probably can do the course standing on their heads haha.
Darkbase Uukausi sitten
I think that little wire is enough to keep them in, because if you were to escape, it wouldn't be worth it because they would have Marshals on their ass and then do time way longer and in mediums or highs if they get caught
KY Bass fishing
KY Bass fishing Uukausi sitten
Man you almost at 1 milllllllll🥳
Lucas Cao
Lucas Cao Uukausi sitten
Imagine having him as a grandpa
Scott McKinsey
Scott McKinsey Uukausi sitten
I love your videos Leary my favorite is the one where you made about the way you're looking at the movies and you notice that you always doing the back
Danny Rev
Danny Rev Uukausi sitten
why scape on a two week sentence?
евгений колосков
евгений колосков Uukausi sitten
Здравствуйте, разрешите пожалуйста переводить ваши видео на русский язык, среди русского сообщества появилось не мало поклонников
MaddMike Uukausi sitten
Idk if i could ever go back to any of the prisons I was at. Georgia does have some horrible prison. Was in Jackson diagnosed prison. Then transferred to ware state prison and spent 2 years there. Transferred to ASMP ( Augusta state medical prison). Where they cut the wrong leg off a guy that had gangrene.
Равиль Мухаметзянов
Равиль Мухаметзянов Uukausi sitten
Ларри доброго времени суток! Разреши ребятам с deevan games и дальше озвучивать твои видео!! Очень интересно было смотреть
Capone 1394
Capone 1394 Uukausi sitten
You should stop at the drive in movie theater, Larry! Besides the prison, Jesup’s other claim to fame is that they have the oldest drive in theater in the state of Georgia! Great video Larry!
Capone 1394
Capone 1394 Uukausi sitten
That’s crazy! I’m from Coffee County, Georgia, which is about an hour and 15 minutes from Jesup. It’s a small world.
AndyStream Uukausi sitten
Ларри нам очень нужны переводы твоих видео, которые делали DeeVan Games.
Джон Бишоп
Джон Бишоп Uukausi sitten
#LarryLetMeTranslate 🇷🇺
noobi 1329
noobi 1329 Uukausi sitten
Ларри ,разреши ребятам из Дивангеймс переводить твои ролики что б больше людей знало о тебе и хотело интересоваться, все же многие не знают или не понимают по слуху английский язык
noobi 1329
noobi 1329 Uukausi sitten
Ларри ,разреши ребятам из Дивангеймс переводить твои ролики что б больше людей знало о тебе и хотело интересоваться, все же многие не знают или не понимают по слуху английский язык
notdarnel987 d
notdarnel987 d Uukausi sitten
I love the pasta story
Flow Jackson
Flow Jackson Uukausi sitten
qqGaming Bereg
qqGaming Bereg Uukausi sitten
Почему вы не одобрили Русский перевод, парень хорошо переводил, было интересно смотреть ваши видео, сегодня хотел посмотреть, а все ваши видео с переводом удалили с его канала.. СПАСИБО ВАМ БОЛЬШОЕ!!!!!!!
TpaBka Uukausi sitten
fdbdfbdf gnnd
fdbdfbdf gnnd Uukausi sitten
Larry, why you banned russian translations of your videos? For most russian people it was the only way to know you story. Thats really sucks, your stories is amazing, but now russian subs cant just hear it(
Beka zlo
Beka zlo Uukausi sitten
‼️ OFFICIAL STATEMENT FROM THE RUSSIAN-SPEAKING AUDIENCE ‼️ Sorry, but we, the RUSSIAN-speaking AUDIENCE, loved You thanks to the channel - "DeeVan Games" (link: fipost.info), which translated your videos into Russian. Not all Russian-speaking people know English, so they were happy to have the opportunity to get acquainted with Your work thanks to the channel "DeeVanGames". But now, as we know, You have banned this channel from translating your videos. Unfortunately, we were very upset. We hope that you and the channel "DeeVanGames" will agree and ALLOW to RESTORE the old videos that You requested to HIDE, as well as ALLOW the translation of your new videos. ! We, the RUSSIAN-speaking audience, WILL NEVER FORGET this ‼️ ======== ‼️ ОФФИЦИАЛЬНОЕ ЗАЯВЛЕНИЕ ОТ РУССКОЯЗЫЧНОЙ АУДИТОРИИ ‼️ Извините, но мы, русскоязычная аудитория, полюбили вас благодаря каналу - "DeeVan Games" (ссылка: fipost.info), который перевел ваши видео на русский язык. Не все русскоязычные люди знают английский язык, поэтому они были рады возможности познакомиться с вашей работой благодаря каналу "DeeVanGames". Но теперь, как мы знаем, вы запретили этому каналу переводить ваши видео. К сожалению, мы были очень расстроены. Мы надеемся, что вы и канал "DeeVanGames" согласитесь и разрешите восстановить старые видео, которые вы просили скрыть, а также разрешите перевод ваших новых видео. Мы, русскоязычная аудитория, никогда этого не забудем!
Psycho Gaming
Psycho Gaming Uukausi sitten
Hello Larry, I am subscribed to your channel and I like your videos, how you tell me and why you do it (I agree that the prison system needs to be changed) but unfortunately my level of English is not good enough to understand absolutely everything. Therefore, I ask you to allow the "DeevanGames" channel to translate your videos, this guy perfectly translates them without distorting the meaning of what was said and always indicates the author of the original video (you) leaves a link to the channel and encourages you to support the original content.
Гиряев Олег
Гиряев Олег Uukausi sitten
Лари верни Deevan
Hatsuharu Uukausi sitten
Best channel on youtube
Diverging Music
Diverging Music Uukausi sitten
I like how Larrys going on Memory lane with a Prison, and you know what? Its actually interesting. Anyways the reason why they do not have high security in those areas is that, there is no need to. The people there do not pose a security risk, the risk associated with leaving is far greater than the benefit of leaving. For example, someone may go to one of those prisons based on a three strike law system mainly composed of law violations revolving around a none violent crime such as speeding etc. The prison has no concern for them because they have no violence risk and are not a risk of escaping because if a prisoner escapes and gets caught, they will go back to prison but this time will not have the luxury of a low level security facility. By escaping, they just tacked on extra years to their sentence that otherwise is probably 6months to a year. There is no point of risking getting caught when a sentence is that low to begin with, and with plenty of freedom to go outside unoccupied unlike most prisons. The prison still does a count check, so they still will know if a prisoner escaped or not. Local Law Enforcement goes on high alert and there is a huge chance, the inmate will get caught if escaping. Its one of the examples of having a door wide open to Freedom and saying "Hey you can go outside right now if you want but if you do, the punishment will be far worse than any benefit to escaping"
Aniket Trivedi
Aniket Trivedi Uukausi sitten
I never thought I'd see a cliffhanger in a real life video. Wow Larry
Greg Quinn
Greg Quinn Uukausi sitten
I know someone who did federal time for counterfeiting some money. He did most of his time in a camp like this at Loretto PA. His girlfriend used to pick him up at times and they would sneak off for a few hours. Apparently it was more common than you would think. Like Larry says it's kinda surprising they don't have cameras and for that matter ankle monitors. I'm sure at some point someone will screw it up and they will put those measures in.
Chickenapocalypse Uukausi sitten
This is extremely brave Larry. Going back to such a place, even in this way, takes guts. You are a great human being and you are fighting the good fight. Keep it up.
Justinp1987 Uukausi sitten
Dam I would have thought you where like 6,2-6,3 but either way you a big dude
Richard Cranium
Richard Cranium Uukausi sitten
Larry is right, don't go to prison. It's not fun. 35 yrs of in & out of juvy, jail, prison & rehabs. There's sooo many things I missed out on & never started a family. At 45 yrs old, I wish I could take it back but then again I wouldn't have the knowledge I have today. If you think you're a tough guy, go into the service, not prison. You'll benefit way more.
208 Joker
208 Joker Uukausi sitten
You're actually really inspirational 👏
Bob V
Bob V Uukausi sitten
Thanks for the video, Larry. Very interesting. I like your RV. Remember, Jesus loves you. Thanks for the good advice.
Patrick Ibbotson
Patrick Ibbotson Uukausi sitten
They've got disc golf in that camp!
Michael Palumbo
Michael Palumbo Uukausi sitten
There has to be video surveillance of that area.
Jesper Jansen
Jesper Jansen Uukausi sitten
I don't think it's that much of a mystery why they let drugs into the camp. They still need the drug war to go on perpetually.
Kid Sh3lby
Kid Sh3lby Uukausi sitten
A training ground used by the guards The gaurds:we had that
miva Uukausi sitten
At least larry isnt the person who put gone wrong in the title
gdh1984 Uukausi sitten
18:20 Larry just caused mass drug tests, dorm/body searches, and a K9 unit to come in lol.
Romeo De Silva
Romeo De Silva Uukausi sitten
If this was GTA...you would’ve had a three star wanted level by standing there 😂
GOD SPEED Uukausi sitten
Next video: former inmate relives excitement! *STEALING 40 POUNDS OF PASTA*
Los Trem
Los Trem Uukausi sitten
Training coarse for new recruits? I almost became a corrections officer. We did some similar stuff.
Ian Wellington
Ian Wellington Uukausi sitten
I'm a reformed felon from Billerica House of Corrections Cell block c Cell #18. Wrote this while I was locked up for my daughter. Please show me some support. fipost.info/show/videot/qMunzHRusW2JfIA.html
RDR2 .15 years ago
RDR2 .15 years ago Uukausi sitten
I love the outside videos
Dakota Thompson
Dakota Thompson Uukausi sitten
“They couldn’t run this obstacle course if they was on there head “ 2020 government politics
Jeremy Radley
Jeremy Radley Uukausi sitten
Prison: The track is closed yard is closed Larry: And that’s my cue to get the FUCK OUTTA HERE..... LoL 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 God I love Larry so real and so funny haha
SeriousName Uukausi sitten
I saw those same obstacle course thingies when I was a kid in police explorers.
wkachikyan Uukausi sitten
Good to see rashkovsky doing well and visiting Bolingbroke
Jacob Tracc
Jacob Tracc Uukausi sitten
They probably saw that red shirt from inside the prison 😂😂
Natasha W
Natasha W Uukausi sitten
Saw this and immediately thought of you: fipost.info/show/videot/uLh612KQi45pn6Y.html
Jaemin Jeon
Jaemin Jeon Uukausi sitten
I wish Larry did 60 days in
Owen White
Owen White Uukausi sitten
talk about prison fights in a video
Devil Gamez
Devil Gamez Uukausi sitten
ITS so interesting to see u this close to a prison thank u :) . I relly feel sad abute how it is whit the Prison system in America it is so good that u make the videos that u do Larry. And stand upp for the ppl so many have forgot abute. Whish u all the best 😊
Mr. dope Gaming
Mr. dope Gaming Uukausi sitten
We have the exact same model of motorhome
Daniel Cruz
Daniel Cruz Uukausi sitten
Larry Lawton
Larry Lawton Uukausi sitten
Thanks Daniel. I appreciate that. Stay out and stay safe.
AleXANderSchlong - Music
AleXANderSchlong - Music Uukausi sitten
SamtheSham2000 Uukausi sitten
Love me some paster.
Yes Man
Yes Man Uukausi sitten
This man is No B.S.!
jim bob
jim bob Uukausi sitten
You are Larry Lawton, not 522 whateverthefuck, you've managed to get thousands of people to love your stories and turn a negative into a positive after getting out...
Gill,the Goldfish
Gill,the Goldfish Uukausi sitten
Larry, have you ever been to the big house. USP LEWISBURG IN PENNSYLVANIA. That's a nasty place to be sent to.
Jimmy Rocco
Jimmy Rocco Uukausi sitten
Chris Chase
Chris Chase Uukausi sitten
I have heard that poop solves crime 🤢
Cormac McCracken
Cormac McCracken Uukausi sitten
U could escape from there
Michael Elledge
Michael Elledge Uukausi sitten
Can you do a video about the difference between state and federal prisons??
Michael Elledge
Michael Elledge Uukausi sitten
And that my que to get the fuck outta here lmao Larry I wouldnt even gone back brother I hate prison wouldnt wanna go back even outside the fence
Silent Uukausi sitten
It's crazy how your entire face changed as soon as they started announcing the yard was closing. I gotta say, I found your channel by accident on FIpost and you're a great storyteller. Greetings from Greece!
Officer Bacon
Officer Bacon Uukausi sitten
The end got me lol
emikke Uukausi sitten
Someone I know was falsely accused of abusing his wife, and the Norwegian authorities locked his wife and kids in a tiny institution for six weeks. Norway is clown land.
Brian D Gilbreath
Brian D Gilbreath Uukausi sitten
Lived down street from there for 7 years
Brian D Gilbreath
Brian D Gilbreath Uukausi sitten
Right on south Palm street 977
Emily N Pets
Emily N Pets Uukausi sitten
This is so...not secure at all, lol.
Matticus Madness
Matticus Madness Uukausi sitten
"Let's turn around, Dave, and get outta here." Still getting a spook out of being anywhere near it, huh?
THE SAME D4YAN Uukausi sitten
Hello from Russia, your videos is best i like it, it will be wonderful if you add Russian subtitles believe me a lot of people look from there
12 21
12 21 Uukausi sitten
Larry we need justice for this kidfipost.info/show/videot/qtmX0IJvmoWjbYg.html
Joseph Deming
Joseph Deming Uukausi sitten
0:28 *it is what it is*
nathan campbell
nathan campbell Uukausi sitten
Larry why is a guy running outside the camp?
hallerd Uukausi sitten
Were you anxious at all during this? Revisiting hell seems challenging.
Skojigt Uukausi sitten
Cool video.
Jeremy Johnson
Jeremy Johnson Uukausi sitten
Now he is actually Walter white with the same rv lol .. JESSSYYY!!
caillew 012
caillew 012 Uukausi sitten
Yooo your like the best youtuber ever larry🤟🏼
Mathis Francois
Mathis Francois Uukausi sitten
I love your gta corrections love u bro glad u changed ur life around
GTA 5 Kingkong0581
GTA 5 Kingkong0581 Uukausi sitten
In England at yard time they was never no ball 🎾 an stuff like weights outside, we had to walk around in circles
Po-Acé Sua-Coche
Po-Acé Sua-Coche Uukausi sitten
Thanks Larry
is_dfaith Uukausi sitten
Hi Larry, love your channel. I was wondering if you can review the prison movie “Murder in the First” with Kevin Bacon. I cried at this movie, it was harsh. Thanks 😊
Andrew H
Andrew H Uukausi sitten
escaping a prison puts 1-5 years onto the amount of time you have to serve and automatically steps you up a level of prison so a low security will get kicked into med or even high security depending on what happens during the escape. Can also be a state punishment so you would have a number of issues.
RyGuy Playz
RyGuy Playz Uukausi sitten
My Man Larry Lawton! Whatssup man!!!
Chris Lester
Chris Lester Uukausi sitten
I had an old mate of mine in a cruzie prison and he escaped i asked him why he said it was boring in there.i found out he could not keep his mouth shut so washed my hands of him.even worse he told lies about another inmate who went down on a double murder that he probably didn't do to get out on home detention less then 6 months after the escape 18 months into a 5 spot napkin peace of shit.
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