Michael Franzese Podcast Interview with Larry Lawton - from Mafia to Prison to Redemption | 170 |

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Larry Lawton

4 päivää sitten

Watch ex Jewel Thief and Prisoner Larry Lawton's podcast interview with Mafia mob boss Michael Franzese. The story goes from the Mafia to prison to redemption.
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I do not condone any of the negative behavior described. I have learned from the mistakes I have made and do not wish for anyone to recreate or attempt any of the events described.

Michael Franzese
Michael Franzese 3 päivää sitten
Thanks for having me on Larry! Look forward to the next one!
Greg Sawatsky
Greg Sawatsky 7 tuntia sitten
two kings
Steve Davis
Steve Davis 9 tuntia sitten
@Michael Franzese Now if you two can go on Joe Rogan together my life will be complete!
The Bomb
The Bomb 11 tuntia sitten
@Tommy Mc bro I don’t think Larry would fuck with Sammy
MikeG Russakoff
MikeG Russakoff 13 tuntia sitten
Classic love both you guys my family grew up it i was at a gotti block party turned riot against the cops fourth of july 34 years ago i was 14 now 48 thanks guys
Mr Thomas
Mr Thomas 18 tuntia sitten
We need more!
Bilos Nano
Bilos Nano 12 minuuttia sitten
omg, JESUS i have never watched a podcast interview for this long and was so invested into it time FLEW, these 2 men are amazing to listen to WOW!!
Eyewokeness News
Eyewokeness News 22 minuuttia sitten
@Larry Lawton The DNA testing is a bad idea. They keep it in a national data base. They also use it in "experiments" It's in the tiny print , look into it.
donkey king
donkey king 23 minuuttia sitten
They putting martin scorcese out of business
John McClellan
John McClellan Tunti sitten
The Mob terrorized hard working honest people. They were thugs and I'm glad the Feds nailed them.
Theodore Heckenberg
Theodore Heckenberg Tunti sitten
The ultimate FIpost crossover
random 814
random 814 Tunti sitten
I want to meet you in person. I'll buy lunch. Whatever, but I'd like to just have an in person conversation with you. My dad has been in prison since January 2005 and to this day. I would just love to sit down with you and talk. Probably for hours lol
percy young
percy young 2 tuntia sitten
Holy shit, I asked for this and here it is and I set time to watch this so I can sit thru it all the way. Awesome!
christopher gargiulo
christopher gargiulo 2 tuntia sitten
Larry asks a simple question and then goes on a 6 minute rant before Michael can even get a word in
christopher gargiulo
christopher gargiulo 2 tuntia sitten
And then says "me too" about everything Michael says
Seth Gohn
Seth Gohn 2 tuntia sitten
Never. Ever. Do I get tired of Michael's interviews and this one was really good. GJ Larry and Michael.
Scatter Brain
Scatter Brain 2 tuntia sitten
That's crazy to hear a made guy say L.A. county jail is the worst place he's been. Its the only jail I've been in and I assumed they were all like that lol. Great show.
chrexxie 3 tuntia sitten
44:51 - 44:53 was that a wet fart? 😂😂😂
Peggy Bilberry
Peggy Bilberry 4 tuntia sitten
I don't know how I find myself watching these kinds of videos - I'm like the least criminal person ever. Once I accidentally took someone's pen at school, felt bad when I got home, so cycled across town to post it back to them...
Kevin Barakauskas
Kevin Barakauskas 4 tuntia sitten
Loved it
Inferno Burlew
Inferno Burlew 4 tuntia sitten
Good fellas The departed
noo dles
noo dles 4 tuntia sitten
This was fucking amazing
Tyyppi kyl
Tyyppi kyl 6 tuntia sitten
Gonna have to say that honestly Michael is the only one I watch when for example he is appearing somewhere
Savanah Embry
Savanah Embry 7 tuntia sitten
I love this! I had hoped you guys would get together and do a video!
Hunter Gill
Hunter Gill 7 tuntia sitten
Love larry to death but he isn’t a good interviewer . Needs to work on those skills A bit
Ash Willis
Ash Willis 7 tuntia sitten
I have been waiting for these two to cross over
Tyler Layton
Tyler Layton 7 tuntia sitten
So Larry still is doing crimes let's turn him in
Kyle Maxwell
Kyle Maxwell 8 tuntia sitten
This is so cool. What a great interview. Do you still get manny Italian neighbourhoods left in New York City.
James Perry
James Perry 8 tuntia sitten
If ever there's a film or two that should be made, it's these guys life stories.
Mat Chavez
Mat Chavez 8 tuntia sitten
Ive heard alot of guys say that the reason people flip like they do these days is because of the long sentences. I dont know if either of you will see this. Ill post the same question on a few videos though because I really am interested in knowing your thoughts. I have always heard that when if you're a made guy and you go to jail, they used to take care of you. Take care of your family, money on your books maybe...... and now they don't. Do you think that's a big reason why guys flip?
sammy Barajas
sammy Barajas 8 tuntia sitten
I’ve been waiting for this
TAZ-Zronx 9 tuntia sitten
Love your videos
larry borkstrom
larry borkstrom 9 tuntia sitten
This is a treat like both channels
Steve Davis
Steve Davis 9 tuntia sitten
Now if you both can go on Joe Rogan together my life will be complete.
Carter Noecker
Carter Noecker 9 tuntia sitten
Sonny is definitely michaels dad he looks like a spitting image of him
Jaybird 54
Jaybird 54 10 tuntia sitten
Never ceases to amaze me how God selects certain people who have lived or are living a certain less than honest life, and opens the door to salvation to them, who then go on to help others and spread the lord's word... Not every messenger of God is a saint... God bless.
YouTube Comment Poster
YouTube Comment Poster 10 tuntia sitten
Two legends and only one hour...I'm praying for a few more of these :)
TopOfThe Notch
TopOfThe Notch 11 tuntia sitten
Hey Larry, you should try playing the escapists
Fatgamer6441 12 tuntia sitten
The respect these guys show each other is absolutely great, loved you guys swapping story's great video.
Marc Patzelt
Marc Patzelt 13 tuntia sitten
You both need to be in GTA VI
Howdy Yall
Howdy Yall 13 tuntia sitten
I likes how Larry loves every comment
No Chill Bill
No Chill Bill 13 tuntia sitten
This was amazing. Super deep conversations and unique perspectives on life and our struggles. Thank you Larry
aidan mello
aidan mello 13 tuntia sitten
Best crime FIpostr❗️
Jason Dowling
Jason Dowling 14 tuntia sitten
One of the best interviews Larry. He is so cool. Cheers mate..
Z.S. R.
Z.S. R. 14 tuntia sitten
You mean Grillo from the Howard Stern show
Dustin Klein
Dustin Klein 14 tuntia sitten
Damn ex criminals out here interviewing eachother i got convicted for smuggling drugs into germany can i join in? ^^
Papa Smurf
Papa Smurf 15 tuntia sitten
That was awesome guys . thank you for this video !
Alec 15 tuntia sitten
If I was working on the next Grand Theft Auto game I would be having the both of you in the game. Guys like you would make amazing characters. It would be a waste not to have you in it voicing and consulting.
Mat Chavez
Mat Chavez 17 tuntia sitten
16:30 Larry totally let's Mike know if he wants to start a new crew he's ready now
Kelly Jo Evans
Kelly Jo Evans 18 tuntia sitten
Class and respect is what we have let disappear.
Petya Akinsamovis
Petya Akinsamovis 18 tuntia sitten
Next Sammy the Bull?
己高己大己做多情i opening
己高己大己做多情i opening 18 tuntia sitten
thank Y
己高己大己做多情i opening
己高己大己做多情i opening 18 tuntia sitten
if you like me please reply
己高己大己做多情i opening
己高己大己做多情i opening 18 tuntia sitten
hallo everybody i like y all
Greg Froman
Greg Froman 18 tuntia sitten
Great interview wish my dad could have watched these guys talk he had a lot of story's his self from the chi an york
F. B. I
F. B. I 19 tuntia sitten
My grandpa always hated the Italian mob because he said they gave us a bad wrap
Aaron Roberts
Aaron Roberts 19 tuntia sitten
I’ve been down with Franzese since I first heard him on Jim Rome over a decade ago. Read his book Blood Covenant cover to cover. One if the most compelling men God has ever created
Ricky Rice
Ricky Rice 19 tuntia sitten
Is Larry talking about Dom pizzeria when he refers to Dom?
Mike Brennan
Mike Brennan 19 tuntia sitten
derek1212 19 tuntia sitten
"I take care of my mom" made me laugh so much, so much purity between 2 ex cons
Andrew Shiu
Andrew Shiu 19 tuntia sitten
1 MILLION baby great job Larry
Joshua Bryant
Joshua Bryant 20 tuntia sitten
omg, two of my favorites did a crossover. Amazing.
Parker Anderson
Parker Anderson 20 tuntia sitten
Hey Larry! I love your content and have been wondering if you would ever do a review of oceans eleven or Logan lucky? Keep up the great work!
Meko Unknown
Meko Unknown 21 tunti sitten
This was quite the interview. Larry has really grown as an interviewer and Micheal is an interesting guy. In other news, I now have to binge his videos as well....
Gotta Have IT
Gotta Have IT 21 tunti sitten
This classic right here man .Gud fuckin content Larry. Love ur work!!
gtageek googleson
gtageek googleson 21 tunti sitten
To be honest it is somewhat shocking that Michael is even still alive given the way how the mob works. But I am glad he is.
Rage Blanket
Rage Blanket 22 tuntia sitten
I have so much respect for these guys!
james nevay
james nevay 22 tuntia sitten
I wanna see Larry partner with the brand diamond
Addy Z.
Addy Z. 22 tuntia sitten
Hey Larry been binging a lot of your robbery review vids! You should review the movie “Good Time” and it’s opening bank robbery scene, idk if you’ve seen it already but the bank robbery scene was really well filmed, and based off some real bank robberies that were being pulled off with real looking masks, really would enjoy your analysis. It’s kinda quick but would love your take on it. It’s a very good movie, one of my personal favorites.
Angelo Incorvaia
Angelo Incorvaia 22 tuntia sitten
Wow you guys are great, so interesting to listen to both of you.
Bbsjjd Bdbdhd
Bbsjjd Bdbdhd 22 tuntia sitten
Question Larry: Do you know if anyone was ever arrested by being framed in your crime spree? We’re any of them found guilty and convicted?
Mat Chavez
Mat Chavez 23 tuntia sitten
Everytime Mike thought he was out..... they pulled him back in
TheTalkBox 23 tuntia sitten
Man Larry I remember when you had 100k and now looking at that 1 million it is insane what a journey it’s been
Mat Chavez
Mat Chavez 23 tuntia sitten
I think you look like Sonny.
Twins 2005
Twins 2005 23 tuntia sitten
Both of these dudes look like they put glass on there floors and walk on them all day and say “this is child’s play”
John Berroa
John Berroa 23 tuntia sitten
Michael, can you please do a movie review of, American Gangster? It’s directed by Ridley Scott. Russel Crowe and Denzel Washington is in that movie. Thank you and keep up with the great work. 🙂
Gotta Have IT
Gotta Have IT 23 tuntia sitten
Congrats Larry
GuntherCHF Päivä sitten
He let his father do time to cover him. Awesome son!
Dave Crupel
Dave Crupel Päivä sitten
Michael looks amazing for 69 years old! Bless him! And bless you, Larry!
allan paul villa
allan paul villa Päivä sitten
“Sometimes the people with the worst past, create the best future.”
Paola Reparto
Paola Reparto Päivä sitten
Interesting I was on ave u today at Joe’s focacceria stil good stuff I bet you miss it ..
Nova Päivä sitten
This is the most ambitous anime crossover ever
Brandon Päivä sitten
1 mil hyyype. Such a cool achievement. I followed you sence the start. Your series and news appearances. I loved the prison story’s I watched a year ago and still remember everything from your videos! Keep goin man I’ll still watch 😁👌
The Philosophy of Education
The Philosophy of Education Päivä sitten
Lot a love Larry! I have a question, is it hard to get back into the job force after prison? And really, isn't that why people go to prison, for financial reasons?
Kewdo1 Päivä sitten
Larry , how did you get to be the biggest jewel thief ????
Anthony Robideau
Anthony Robideau Päivä sitten
I’ve been waiting for this video forever.
Ijustwatchvideos Päivä sitten
Larry you should be in the ew gta5 online heist update. Just imagine Larry goes " yeh I got a job for ya"
Anthony DelGatto
Anthony DelGatto Päivä sitten
This is my favorite Michael franzese interview. Good job Larry
DeGardo Newborn
DeGardo Newborn Päivä sitten
You two need to make a movie together
Jahim Uddin
Jahim Uddin Päivä sitten
I have been waiting.
Sara Lee Sparkles
Sara Lee Sparkles Päivä sitten
What an awesome interview! Two legends, one platform. So happy and proud of the solid men you are. 💚🤍❤🇮🇹 🇮🇹 🇮🇹 🇮🇹
Zaydan bball
Zaydan bball Päivä sitten
U should react to prison break
Les Breen
Les Breen Päivä sitten
Hits home, used to work for local mob here in Youngstown Ohio, praise God I did not get deeply involved. Heard Michael speak at our church, Believers in Warren Ohio. I worked for Joey Naples and Lou Tiberio
Tommy Angelo
Tommy Angelo Päivä sitten
melissa colby
melissa colby Päivä sitten
Most ambitious cross over event in history
WRN_Retro Päivä sitten
Goat talks to goat
Bill Daniels
Bill Daniels Päivä sitten
So when can we expect Michael to interview Larry?
Aayden Espinoza
Aayden Espinoza Päivä sitten
This is going to be one of the best interviews ever
4ced2Wype Päivä sitten
15:07 😳
Leonard Silvia
Leonard Silvia Päivä sitten
the government extorts people for tax lol
Ben Malleck
Ben Malleck Päivä sitten
Lester created 44 fake accounts to troll u. That’s the reason for the 44 dislikes
Денис Бербюк
Денис Бербюк Päivä sitten
А как понимать
Aaron Willey
Aaron Willey Päivä sitten
The Greatest crossover In history
Cody Peterson
Cody Peterson Päivä sitten
I was so excited when I saw this video!! Your content is absolutely fantastic Larry! Gonna get that nice FIpost plague for the 1M subs too! Congrats on all the success man you deserve it
Lee Da Goat
Lee Da Goat Päivä sitten
Larry you better review the cayo perico heist on gta 5 online it is supposed to come out in december
Matt Keating
Matt Keating Päivä sitten
This is an AllStar Cast!!
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