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Larry Lawton

5 kuukautta sitten

Holidays in Prison are rough. From the 4th of July to Christmas it's a sad prison story. Prison life, Prison holidays, and Prison food - you don't want any of that. Make good decisions!
Ex Jewel Thief Larry Lawton spent 11 years in prison and now helps people make better decisions and fights for prison reform. #Lawton #Prison #Mob
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I do not condone any of the negative behavior described. I have learned from the mistakes I have made and do not wish for anyone to recreate or attempt any of the events described.

Larry Lawton
Larry Lawton 5 kuukautta sitten
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Donald Landmeyer
Donald Landmeyer 4 päivää sitten
#Larry Lawton I stumbled across your channel and I spent hours watching your videos today I think it's amazing what you're doing and you changed your life around. Good for you for being the voice for the voiceless 👍
Yusuf Eltalkhawy
Yusuf Eltalkhawy 16 päivää sitten
Larry Lawton XD
Shauna Reay
Shauna Reay Uukausi sitten
Hey Larry, are there inmates in for life who might like to get letters from people they don't know, just to be nice?
wayne parris
wayne parris 2 kuukautta sitten
4 year old rations, is NOTHING! When I was in the Army in 1975 to 1978, we ate C rations from WW2 and Korea. MREs were not invented yet or at least we never got them or even knew about them. We ate 20 to 30 year old rations. Good food? No but we ate them.
David Amrhein
David Amrhein 2 kuukautta sitten
R up
bklyncosanostra 9 tuntia sitten
How about Hanukkah? How were Jews treated and perceived in prison?
Michael Patrick Miskulin
Michael Patrick Miskulin Päivä sitten
If prison was fun and easy, there would be so much more crime. People would be like hey I’ll rob this guy and if I get caught I’ll get to eat watermelon and play softball and eat steak and potatoes every night. It’s prison. A place for criminals.
NaSkee Love
NaSkee Love 12 päivää sitten
My father was sentenced to double life with no possibility of parole he went to school got his bachelor degree and then he continued and got his master degree. He got out and got out on life long parole I think he got out on clemency but he continued and when he died he was a free man he got that parole squashed
nick 13 päivää sitten
Amen 🙏
Neil Yost
Neil Yost 14 päivää sitten
I've been out 13 years after doing 20 and I forget about all the holidays
ElJessoandfriends 14 päivää sitten
Prisons need to be a place of punishment AND reform, but they only focus on the first one in the United States. Obviously there are people that are reformed, but I believe that’s rare. We need massive prison reform. Also I love your coffee cup.
Ken Nash
Ken Nash 14 päivää sitten
Mr. Larry i graduated law school in may and your post inspire me to zealously fight for my clients because prison is so inhumane
Josh Daily
Josh Daily 14 päivää sitten
lol Larry still got it with the BSing, no 70+ year old is throwing 80 let alone 100+ lmao
Mark Foreman
Mark Foreman 14 päivää sitten
If he survived I bet he never took liberties with the phones again
emich28 15 päivää sitten
Santa visits the SHU he won’t be coming out until February!
lifted0422 15 päivää sitten
My takeaway don’t go to prison
Owen Butcher
Owen Butcher 15 päivää sitten
Larry Lawton much Respect.🇺🇸🇬🇧🇺🇸🇬🇧👍👍👍👍
Higuysitsjuan YT
Higuysitsjuan YT 15 päivää sitten
5:22 me in my head hamburgerler
Yusuf Eltalkhawy
Yusuf Eltalkhawy 16 päivää sitten
Bud Cole
Bud Cole 16 päivää sitten
I'm new to your youtube channel but I can not ever begin to tell you the respect I have for you and the work you are doing and the message you have!!! Stay strong and be safe in these times. Forever a supporter my friend.
Bronchitis S
Bronchitis S 17 päivää sitten
Love his perfect Larry lawton coffee mug product placement. As you can see, you can’t beat its functionality
Pleather Dad
Pleather Dad 19 päivää sitten
Yes, corrections facilities should CORRECT. I agree with your message 100%!
Derek Stover
Derek Stover 19 päivää sitten
If someone killed someone else in prison and the feds transferred them to another prison. Wouldn’t it be smart to send the guy to a state that has the death penalty? The only thing I think a lifer would actually have to fear is death.
Quid Malmborg
Quid Malmborg 18 päivää sitten
A lifer wouldn't fear death so much as being killed by another more vicious lifer who feels they have less to lose at that point. Think about the guy who killed Whitey Bulger.
Chris Katz
Chris Katz 20 päivää sitten
I noticed how you reviewed some movies where they cased and or robbed a place. I think it would be cool for more of a idea of how the syndicate in the first max payne did they're robbery of the bank in the first few levels, and how they're plan to leave would have happened had not max payne showed up, and how they could have prevented him from killing them all
Tomken8d2 20 päivää sitten
Believe me I know what it's like spending the holidays in a s-house.
raatomato666 21 päivä sitten
You should try to visit prisons in Norway or Finland. Show what prisons should be. Great content, keep fighting!
talkingalwayz 21 päivä sitten
Noooooo my phones @ 3%
Cam Chase
Cam Chase 21 päivä sitten
Larry just wanna say I enjoy ur story's they make my day even if its a bad day u make it better keep it up💯😁
Albert Ferrara
Albert Ferrara 21 päivä sitten
I wouldn't ever want to go to prison, when I was in the marines in 1972 we were getting SEA RATS IN the field that were left from 1942 WWII. I AM NOT INSULTING ANYONE, I COULDN'T HANDLE PRISON, WOULD RATHER BE IN THE MARINES. WHEN I WAS IN BOOTCAMP that WAS ENOUGH TO GIVE YOU PTSD. I hope you're doing well, keep it together, stay strong and healthy, most of all FREE.
Zak Fuji
Zak Fuji 22 päivää sitten
Thank you for these videos larry
Jacobbo Skiii
Jacobbo Skiii 22 päivää sitten
Woah me and your daughter were both born Aug 29th that’s wild
joseph romeo
joseph romeo 22 päivää sitten
Kinda funny you're celebrating a holiday for freedom and representation and you get neither
ryan mcnabb
ryan mcnabb 23 päivää sitten
larry, i am 13, and you talking about how, next time on a holiday, i'll do that, that sounds horrible what yo have been through
Willie Duitt
Willie Duitt 23 päivää sitten
The King and His Court---Fast Eddie Fiegner, they were awesome fast pitch softball players
crossingthestreams1 24 päivää sitten
Privatization of prison should be illegal.
Stephen Grabarek
Stephen Grabarek 24 päivää sitten
Have you had any run ins with Michael franzese?
aaron morris
aaron morris 24 päivää sitten
Hi Larry. Federal prisoner in Lompoc. Shit was real and a lot of what you say gives me PTSD from memories coming back.
Dion Daugher
Dion Daugher 25 päivää sitten
Larry I had 12 months and a day for 083 northern Virginia I got caught driving on GW. Parkway I was in Elkton Ohio med. Hi just for driving no accident no DUI. Not even speeding
Teddy Smith
Teddy Smith 27 päivää sitten
I was in the Colorado Department of corrections and I worked in the kitchen at Sterling correctional facility and the chicken came in boxes and on the boxes it read Not intended for human consumption and the chicken quarters had a little bitty feathers all over him them
nate smith
nate smith 27 päivää sitten
Hey Larry what do you think of Kyle Rittenhouse the 17 year old kid that shot three people and killed two people in self-defense?
Abraham Ramirez
Abraham Ramirez 28 päivää sitten
I've listened to a few of your videos but something you said in this one really spoke to me. When you said let's become human again. I damn near shed a tear. we need more positive people like you.
Jake’s Claymation
Jake’s Claymation 29 päivää sitten
Ok if it's that bad don't do crime maybe 🤔
buster browne
buster browne 29 päivää sitten
Larry must have the best memory in the world
Scott Goodin
Scott Goodin 29 päivää sitten
Hey Larry what percentage of inmates pick up more time . I have been in county a dozen times. Never been to prison.
Ape Beats
Ape Beats 29 päivää sitten
I understand that prison is looked at as punishment, but that's no reason to treat people like shit, or second class citizens. As I've said numerous times, people in the penitentiary should have the resources to better themselves, and have the opportunity to be rehabilitated so they're on the right path once the time comes to re-enter society. If they're treated like shit the entire time they're in prison, they're going to be worse when they finally leave, not better. The way the prison system works in the United States is corrupt as fuck. No one should profit from putting a person in a cage. Everyone makes mistakes. That's part of being human. We are all products of our environment. So many people that end up in prison are there because they didn't have the education, or the means to support themselves, or their families. Most people have no empathy for people in prison because they are dehumanized in the public eye. It could easily be you, or me in that little concrete cell. Remember that the next time you say, or hear someone say they should just lock all those "criminals" up and throw away the key. That criminal is someone's son/daughter, father, brother, etc. Those people are the most in need of a helping hand. They're the most in need of a loving heart. They're the most in need of some compassion. They're the most in need of understanding. You have no idea what drove that person to do whatever they did. I'm not talking about the rapists, or murderers, or pedophiles. The majority of people in prison are there for nonviolent offenses. Until we change the way our prison system works, we're just setting people up to fail every time someone becomes institutionalized. I love you, Larry. You're a great person, and I appreciate you sharing your story with all of us. I hope more people take notice of what's going on in our prisons through your stories, and stand up to make the changes we need. God bless you brother.
Eddie Nicholson Jr
Eddie Nicholson Jr 29 päivää sitten
Hey man George Floyd was murdered . But... he is thrown out to be a king ! 15 funerals , golf fucking casket !! 2 weeks everyday every news . Over a guy who held a gun to a pregnant women’s stomach. On top of meth ! Media used him to there advantage.
Eddie Nicholson Jr
Eddie Nicholson Jr 29 päivää sitten
And all lives matter . 🇺🇸🙌🏻
Eddie Nicholson Jr
Eddie Nicholson Jr 29 päivää sitten
Gold *
Justin Kuti
Justin Kuti 29 päivää sitten
I appreciate you and your stories Larry. Even though you made a mistake, you learned from it, you've grown from it. Thats what makes you a good guy. Keep inspiring.
Beel 29 päivää sitten
Going to prison in itself is supposed to be the punishment for the crime. You aren't supposed to be punished IN prison unless you've done something to be punished after going into prison.
Jrezky 29 päivää sitten
Just imagine having to wait for a few hours in line to talk to your family on Christmas day, but instead seeing someone get stabbed to death and then having to spend the day alone in a prison cell. If you'd wish that on others, take a look at yourself.
Jrezky Uukausi sitten
The idea that getting a holiday in prison is "coddling" is just entirely ignorant. If prison is about wrath and retribution then sure, don't give prisoners even a single day of rest. Our prison system NEEDS to be about decency and justice. Good old science-based, research-backed, real, proven methods for rehabilitation. Society benefits more from rehabilitation than recidivism. This simply cannot be done if it's profit-driven and relatively unregulated like it is, it's as big of a conflict of interest as insurance companies deciding for themselves whether they are going to cover costs for their customers. As long as recidivism is more profitable than rehabilitation, our system will be totally dysfunctional. You simply can not expect a _business_ to do the right thing when it costs less to do the wrong thing. Businesses exist to make money for their owners and shareholders, they don't exist to look out for people, they don't exist to do the best job they can, their bottom line is profit.
William McCartney
William McCartney Uukausi sitten
I had a toga party in prison in a dorm in Pennsylvania but check out July 4th half a chicken day in yard you owe me at commissary
LostLandsLife Uukausi sitten
Civil protests do nothing. I was so into this video, and the end just lost me. People have been doing civil protests for years and it's only getting worse. Burn the country down, start over.
Wickedelic Uukausi sitten
Giving prisoners a little something for holidays would improve moral by a lot and decrease violence but they don't give a fuck about inmates. Sad. Fuck the system!
Heinz Krupps
Heinz Krupps Uukausi sitten
You are the Man Bro!! ❤
Xavier Turner
Xavier Turner Uukausi sitten
I seriously want to see you make this wine you always talking about
Gord Fulton
Gord Fulton Uukausi sitten
it is really interesting watching your videos and listening to your views in us prisons, I am in Canada and most of us here wish our wussy prisons were harsher like USA's for the very reasons you are describing.. we want them to be so horrible they deter the badguys b4 they commit the crimes. is that not the real point of a prison . to get the badguy out of the population and make ya suffer for the crime ya committed? the victims deserve vengeance b4 the offender deserves rehabilitation. i am binge watching your stuff man.. you have led an incredible life,, mad respect here.
Mike G
Mike G Uukausi sitten
this guy never forgets anything
Troy Uukausi sitten
American prisons are so insanely barbaric for being a "first world country". It's hardly better than a middle ages prison. The culture is reinforced and _allowed_ The food is just bare minimum to keep you alive yet starving at the same time. How does a man like Larry survive on 2,030 calories a day without constantly losing weight and buying commissary? It's not set up to "reform" it's a rug to sweep the "undesirables" under. They want these people to just die and go away. Either that or they're just apathetic towards them hence the non existent medical care. You CAN set up prisons that _are_ to reform, that aid the human beings sent there and teach them methods to go about life on the "straight and narrow". I know these Nordic countries are more homogeneous but we can take their example and imitate and at least TRY. Innovation NEEDS to happen. Why take a criminal and reinforce their behavior or make them worse before sending them back into the community to harm society again? Why traumatize all these people locked up? Should someone be sent to prison for freaking weed, waste years of their life in torture, and leave with PTSD? Some stories I've heard it's almost like the crimes they committed were inevitable, like their life was a 1 way track leading to that conclusion. We also shouldn't have private prisons. Prisons should not be a money making scheme. And commissary shouldn't be a racket to take advantage of these people criminals or not. We need to evolve our society. Bring ourselves to the next level. So much about our country is so screwed up. I don't _want_ to vote for Biden but I _cant_ vote for Trump. At least Biden wants to get rid of private prisons. (Also he never insulted vietnam veterans, calling them suckers and losers, and wouldn't go to a military cemetery cause it's "filled with losers" & his hair would get ruined, refused to go to McCain's funeral & acted like flags shouldn't be at half staff for that POW. That he "likes people who weren't captured" and lies about ever saying these things. The list can go on. If we vote for him again we're intentionally fucking up our country even worse...)
Jennifer Metcalfe
Jennifer Metcalfe Uukausi sitten
I stumbled across your Channel and I've been watching quite a few of your videos. I really appreciate a lot of what you have to say. Especially in this video. I agree totally that locking somebody up and keeping them stagnant doesn't help. I think it would be a lot better to treat people in prison sort of as a troubled youth( for lack of better comparison) . Guide them, rehabilitate them...teach skills that they might not have had on the outside, coping mechanisms. Help bring them together with family and to reconnect with positive influences on the outside so that they have a better chance of making it once they get out and a better chance at successfully making it through their sentence . A lot of these people ended up in the prison system because of bad choices. Ehy were those bad choices made in the first place? I think it's because they lacked self-confidence, and they lacked the skills and the knowledge of how to deal with things in a better way. And I think that's imperative to success and to navigating through life, being the best person they could be.
Bud Lyle
Bud Lyle Uukausi sitten
How did their victims celebrate their holidays
Daniel Arteaga
Daniel Arteaga Uukausi sitten
Lary you really know how to speak to the heart. You’re a great dude by trying to help those guys out and you keep it real. I wish I could help people with the prison reform like u do, god bless you man keep doing what you do.
Tin Man
Tin Man Uukausi sitten
Yikes. I don't think I'd survive.
Heartbroken Soldier
Heartbroken Soldier Uukausi sitten
I had iso for Christmas
Jason McDonough
Jason McDonough Uukausi sitten
Your daughter has the same birthday as me!
S Jones
S Jones Uukausi sitten
"For military or prison consumption only"
c west
c west Uukausi sitten
Prison! Yeah!
FoxRcng708 Uukausi sitten
So I guess the USA is a sweet country. Best in the world. Just look at other countries pirsons
Trevor Guilfoyle
Trevor Guilfoyle Uukausi sitten
Hi love you I got your March
Geoffrey Clark
Geoffrey Clark Uukausi sitten
So glad to hear your story Larry. I hate and I mean HATE the fact that we have "private prisons" It is sick. I want to help, I want to know what is going on in OUR prisons.
xdragon 469
xdragon 469 Uukausi sitten
Larry needs to be president
BROGAN REILLY Uukausi sitten
Hey Larry, I’m loving your channel, when I get paid I’m 100% signing up to your patron, I love the stories and I’d love to hear more 🙌🏼
Brian Wesley
Brian Wesley Uukausi sitten
Larry needs to get in contact with Donut Operator
John Cross
John Cross Uukausi sitten
I work in a house of correction for eight years ( first I’m not sure how I lasted that long but even more grateful I didn’t end up there) my self and the administration didn’t often see eye to eye. On the 4 of July I get 3 inmates try to tell me they should get fireworks on the rec deck. My answer to silly questions was always “ are you doing time or is the time doing you? “ they walked away. A few hours later a lieutenant does a walk thru he’s one the second tier I hear him call my name followed by a wtf! So I know right away one of these inmates is setting me up for failure. I get up to the cell he’s at and I crack the door. I’ve got 4 dudes in a 2 man cell with two foot lockers lined with trash bags filled with water. Before I can say anything one of the mates sitting on the butcher block ( he must have been the life guard) says to me CO check it out we’re are doing the time with a pool in our cell. Smoke is coming off the lieutenants head. I look at him straight faced and tell him to Waite his turn and if he’s got a soup I can get him moved up on the list. I got written up for that but on the plus side I got frozen on the next shift with holiday pay. It was dudes like them that made that job fun.
Mike Scargall
Mike Scargall Uukausi sitten
Larry. Love your show. I just got out of the feds. Fci Beaumont. Hearing you talk about missing your family really touched my heart being I went threw the same thing. My daughter was 1 when I left.
Mia P.
Mia P. Uukausi sitten
You're such a beautiful person. Stay safe and God Bless!
Bart Simpson
Bart Simpson Uukausi sitten
I remember my first time getting arrested back in high school and spending around 7 hours in a holding cell laying on concrete “beds” and AC on full blast in the winter and even that sucked so I could only imagine how bad is must be spending years in prison.
joe thomas
joe thomas Uukausi sitten
The Thirteenth Amendment of the Constitution considers prisoners as slaves.
Doc Zaius
Doc Zaius Uukausi sitten
That sucks
Anthony Scuderi
Anthony Scuderi Uukausi sitten
Larry, new listener/subscriber here and just watched this video, and it nearly brought me to tears. You are awesome and these videos are awesome, thank you for being so real, the world needs this! Thanks again, Anthony from AZ
Leigh Haggar
Leigh Haggar Uukausi sitten
Wasn't Fast Eddie Felson the name of the character that Paul Newman played in The Hustler and The Color Of Money?
Daniel Lacombe
Daniel Lacombe Uukausi sitten
great channel...glad to see you made somethin of your life and got back on track...cheers from montreal!
Nunya Damn Bidness
Nunya Damn Bidness Uukausi sitten
prison is about money and power over people.
Jeff Lowe
Jeff Lowe Uukausi sitten
My bro Larry keeping me entertained
Harsesis Hok'tar
Harsesis Hok'tar Uukausi sitten
"Even the most comfortable prison is still a prison" -- Captain Jean Luc Picard
Yusuf Eltalkhawy
Yusuf Eltalkhawy 16 päivää sitten
Harsesis Hok'tar #JustMonika #FreeTaiwan
Timothy Smith
Timothy Smith Uukausi sitten
Larry, don't you think it's time to tell'em about fefe?
Jason Miller
Jason Miller Uukausi sitten
Hey Larry have you ever had your shit pushed in.
Bruce Langley
Bruce Langley Uukausi sitten
Yes King and his court used to go see them in Detroit back in the day
Bruce Langley
Bruce Langley Uukausi sitten
Sounds like a friend of mine. He was robbing convenience stores. He was shot nearly died. Drug addiction was the hardest thing to leave behind for him.I told him well at least there is no drugs in prison. He laughed and said yes there is.He was fifteen years altogether and has been clean and living fine for twenty three years now
Deer-Run-Farms Uukausi sitten
Larry the way I see it they took all insensitive away for good behavior! Why would the men and women that are serving time to be reformed from the crime they committed even want to behave? They took away any kind of incentive from them! It stupid give them something to look forward to! I would be willing to bet the prison system would experience a significant drop in violence against each other! Just because you committed a crime doesn't make you numb to enjoyment! It's very sad how bad the prison system has gotten and its being run by a bunch of wana be tuff guys. It makes me sick. Recovery reform...... bullshit. If prison was for recovery and reform you wouldn't see the revolving door that we see in prison. God bless you larry you are a good man and I'm glad I found your channel. I wish I could donate however finances are tight right now due to losing most of my left foot and not being able to work and ofcourse no help from our wonderful government. However I will be watching and liking as many if not all of your videos hopefully it will help someway. Thanks for being the voice for these men and women they deserve help! God bless.
Guy Hall
Guy Hall Uukausi sitten
I saw a show years ago they did an experiment they made some prisoners and some guards they never made it to the end the guards started getting more and more out of control stopped it be for someone got really hurt
Terry Brents
Terry Brents Uukausi sitten
Larry like your thoughts and what your trying to do to reform the system. Do you ever feel that if you become such a voice and influencer that "they" might try and get you? (BOP="THEY")
Deve bendickson
Deve bendickson Uukausi sitten
Larry Ill never forget lawton
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne Uukausi sitten
189 dislikes are probably prison guards
Lazar Dragicevic
Lazar Dragicevic Uukausi sitten
Hearing Larry talk about prison food makes me think that the shitty hospital food I got before wasn't so bad... it may have been bland and undercooked but at least it wasn't 5 year old roadkill
Lester Andrews
Lester Andrews Uukausi sitten
I use to get the national enquirer magazine sent in , and I would pass it around and let everybody read it. ,I remember how important it was , just the little things.
T Malec
T Malec Uukausi sitten
Love the stories but when did you get out? Prisons aren't like this anymore.
Corey Christensen
Corey Christensen Uukausi sitten
Rehabilitation without any semblance of normal life.. seems effective..
John Henderson
John Henderson Uukausi sitten
Let me say first Im 100% happy behind Larrys mission and wanting to start a non profit. How fucked would it be though for the federal government to give money to a charity to fix the federal prisons instead of fixing it themselves? Its almost like giving a family 12 million dollars in a wrongful death suit but not willing to charge the murderer with murder... #BreonnaTaylor
link lindsey
link lindsey Uukausi sitten
I have to ask. I have done a lot of Acid in my time. I just wondered how you spent your time while trippin? I think about my time in and out of county and think well I guess I would watch tv, maybe draw or color.
link lindsey
link lindsey Uukausi sitten
Was the meat part of an MRE?
TheBlueMonkey Uukausi sitten
Hey Larry, since you mentioned it, it would be interesting to hear what your opinions are on death & life sentences, which I understand are the most severe punishments available to citizens. I also understand that the authorities use torture in special places like Guantanamo.
william schneider
william schneider Uukausi sitten
U a great guy Larry keep it up hope u doing well brother stay safe
Metal Head
Metal Head Uukausi sitten
At one point in the California state prison system they were brought up under investigation for feeding "food products " in the meals for inmates that the labels and boxes literally were marked, "NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION" , in big bold letters . And this was fed to inmates in all meals all the time. I remember reading or hearing about the federal government investigating them for it. And there was this period of time the guards punished the inmates in various ways and took it out on the inmates because all the prisons, some more so than others, had to toss out literally tons of boxes food products in the trash and creating more work for them as it cost the state millions upon millions of dollars to get new and " suitable " food for human consumption. All of which came from the billions of dollars these guards were hoarding and pocketing in scamming the prison system.
Steven Edwards
Steven Edwards Uukausi sitten
My brother was in Club Fed and told me he saw boxes labeled the same in the kitchens.
Metal Head
Metal Head Uukausi sitten
Fed pen vs State pen ..depends on the pen you go to..what state your in. I have listened to Larry enough to know how he describes the Federal prisons he was placed in. And he has said his experience with State prison of whatever state he was in. But my experience in seeing some of one particular states system and prison, it is no any different than anything he describes out of federal prisons he describes. In my particular time of custody at high level 3, in California, (level four is maximum security) the only difference was the time out of cell living. At that time we had what was called the "Green Wall". Which was a prison gang of officers and correctional officers, guards or whatever you wanted to call them. They were responsible for countless of deaths, setting up riots, taking bets on who was a better marksman and bet on who would get head shots on inmates when they set it up to open fire on rival gangs that they would purposely allow on yards together. They were known to take just about anyone into mop closets having them completley shackled and cuffed up where they are defenseless and beat them with short rubber garden hose pieces or with rolled up telephone books. As these left less proof of injury, marks and bruising. They were known to beat inmates to death with their batons.. multiple guards on one person...attacking inmates in a cell at night when they are sleeping just for the sport of it. There is full documentaries on the whole "Green Wall" and many officers where eventu6tried and convicted. There was a big overhaul of the system because how bad it was. This also led to the whole federal takeover of the prison medical system and such because for the most part inmates can be having a heart attack and no help would be given. It could be hours before any guard even decides to check it out.. and there were so many times where an inmate died of a heart attack or whatever complications and was left laying dead in their cell for many hours. I am not knocking on Larry..but his experiences are his.. and I guess one needs to of been there to know how bad it can really get. Ot would be tough to compare one to another.. no place of incarceration is "fun" or a place to be recommended in any way. I have seen many people who were stabbed to death, thrown from a fourth tier to metal tables and stools cemented in the ground and basically an immovable object. I saw peoples heads caved in with weights and other heavy objects. I have seen people get hanged by other inmates and guards just basically watch from a place of safety instead of stopping it. I don't see how any place can compare to much worse. The gangs are just the same.. and the politics relatively the same. I guess it depends where you go and what place your in. I have seen other documentaries of other prisons and federal prisons and I see conditions that were far better than where I was when it was the worst. But of course that time for me was quite some time ago. I have been free and living as a positive contributing member of society when the system in California finally got caught for all its corruption. I was discharged from parole in the mid late 1990s. Damn ...wait has it been that damn long??? 24- 25 years since I was released?? Wow.. i barely or rarely reflect back on all that any more. I enjoy Larry's videos. And can i find a commonality there. Wish him all the best
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How They Caught Serial Killer Ted Bundy
The Infographics Show
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Former Convict Breaks Down Prison Slang | 136 |
Revealing My Prison Tattoos | 80 |
Larry Lawton
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Arsenal vs Wolves | Watch Along Live
HIGHLIGHTS | Stoke City 2-3 Norwich City
Norwich City Football Club
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A regularly scheduled video
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Singers FIRST Songs vs Most POPULAR Songs #2
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My Pride: Episode Eight
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The First Guy To Ever Be King
Ryan George
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The Dixie D'Amelio Show With Larray
Dixie D'Amelio
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Rudy Giuliani Vows To Continue His Legal Failures On Behalf Of The President
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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