Top 10 Ways to Make Money in Prison - Ex Prisoner Reveals How to Make Money Locked Up | 148 |

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Larry Lawton

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Ex Jewel Thief and prisoner Larry Lawton reveals the how to to make money in Prison. When you are locked up a convict will do what he has to do to get by and these top 10 are the most common. From selling drugs, sex, cleaning services or protection, these convicts make their money. And some use it to buy pasta to make prison pasta!
Ex Jewel Thief Larry Lawton spent 11 years in prison and now helps people make better decisions and fights for prison reform. #Lawton #Prison #Mob
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I do not condone any of the negative behavior described. I have learned from the mistakes I have made and do not wish for anyone to recreate or attempt any of the events described.

Larry Lawton
Larry Lawton Uukausi sitten
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Big Bob Cox Grows
Big Bob Cox Grows 23 päivää sitten
@Larry Lawton soon as my dad would hit a yard he would get the stuff to make his tattoo gun and get to work on the woods
Big Bob Cox Grows
Big Bob Cox Grows 23 päivää sitten
Larry you didn’t talk about tattooing
Jose Lito
Jose Lito Uukausi sitten
"And that's just the guards" Lol omg I love it OG stay blessed
Jon Farga
Jon Farga Uukausi sitten
спасибо что запретил переводить свои видео на русский - мы увидели какой ты человек на деле ,а не на словах.впрочем как и все гундосящие американцы - улыбаетесь только показушно и ради бабла.
SПАРТА Uukausi sitten
Larry, you probably know the DeeVan games channel, that they tried to contact you agree on the translation of your content into Russian, but you refused. Can you reconsider your decision?
TheSpicyLemon 2 päivää sitten
What’s worrying is this really reminds me of my school days We used to use gum and we used to brew cider from apple juice and some other things along with making a stash in a wall or table. People also used to hide things in the toilet basin. People used to hustle all the time and they spent around £20 ($30) a month on things in the “store” but hey it was nice to make some money as a kid, best cider I ever drank
UttermostVids 3 päivää sitten
5 dollars a month is chump change dad made 1 dollar a day at the governor's mansion said it was the best job in the joint. ( He had a clean record his whole time in prison this is why he could do this and on top of that this was the big house)
Davie Dood
Davie Dood 4 päivää sitten
Next up. Art Illustrator goes to prison and makes counterfeit "stamps". 😂 Man.. That's gotta be the lowest to hit.. So damn broke, you gotta counterfeit a 25 c STAMP to eat son. 😂
Slycargo Bravado
Slycargo Bravado 4 päivää sitten
reminds me of death warrant van dam i dont pay i dont punk haha
RamsnDodgersfan 5 päivää sitten
Is there a Loan Shak type hustle???
Tommy D’s Trees
Tommy D’s Trees 8 päivää sitten
Larry, Good things my man!! Commissary, or. Canteen.
Ricky Lam
Ricky Lam 9 päivää sitten
Larry how manny stamps per book just curious?
Philly ReD 215 FTF
Philly ReD 215 FTF 10 päivää sitten
FCI fort dix in jersey was different from the other fed spots i was at....only books of stamps, no singles...if u needed change for a book it came as mackerels lol no joke....but I was a lookout for the unit there, crushed it money wise..........also crushed it in the kitchen out in Rochester Minnesota, bags of cheese were the number 1 seller
Axel Undin
Axel Undin 11 päivää sitten
Prison system is corrupt slave labor. Judges, DAs, Gov'ment all in on the scam.
Patrizi 12 päivää sitten
In Italy where i was living, many of my friends where going in and out from prison and rehabilitation house for drugs, many of them had always tell me that they will find more pure drugs in that places and more easy than in the streets. It's very strange they go in for something that they can do it easily even there.
Saldetor Vulcano
Saldetor Vulcano 16 päivää sitten
Love your channel 👍
Gibraltar Whaley
Gibraltar Whaley 16 päivää sitten
Larry before I forget can you please try and do something about the audio in your videos? I am constantly trying to listen to them on my phone while driving but I am unable to turn them up loud enough to hear sometimes. if you could please make the video on average louder so that people like me can listen to them better and other people can just turn the volume down if they need to!
Chris Perrien
Chris Perrien 16 päivää sitten
Play dice, most prisioners/ and in the ghetto don't know math/odds in their ghetto dice games , don't win too big to give it away or piss people off. Education is important
Kevin Dehler
Kevin Dehler 17 päivää sitten
TIL 25x20= Fiahhhdahhlahs
Jacob Cantwell
Jacob Cantwell 18 päivää sitten
What would/can you do with the money
KMAC 19 päivää sitten
6 cantaloupes god damn.
Intelligible Comments = Impossible
Intelligible Comments = Impossible 20 päivää sitten
My perspective on prison is that the system should put a stop to prisoners acting violently and attacking other prisoners, but it seems like they want that kind of a system since it reinforces the sort of "topsy-turvy negative zone America" life that occurs in prisons. Prisons should be used for punishments, not for the govt, large corporations, or anyone to enrich themselves. People don't get this because it's out of sight out of mind and they assume that being bad means you deserve that kind of a fate.
David Gibson
David Gibson 21 päivä sitten
Matthew Rowings
Matthew Rowings 21 päivä sitten
Larry this is Matt I love your videos you completely changed my view on prison and how it actually works.
Justin Csapo
Justin Csapo 22 päivää sitten
Once again brother I can relate
Charlie Brierley
Charlie Brierley 22 päivää sitten
I'm bout to farm like it's gta
Brad Toops
Brad Toops 22 päivää sitten
If ur in prison, obviously we shouldnt even pay ya bro.
Daniel Arteaga
Daniel Arteaga 22 päivää sitten
I just got out larry
Shane Hanson
Shane Hanson 23 päivää sitten
The prison industries need to be paying the going wage for every job a prisoner fills. The prisoners should get some of it, and while 10 cents is a bit low, it still should be a relatively small amount. And most of that "wage" should go to cover the costs of housing the prisoner, the cost of their trial, the costs of the investigation, and to repay damages. There is no reason the taxpayers should have to foot any of the bill for their crimes. The amount a prisoner gets to keep needs to be carefully considered. That pay can be a moral booster, but on the flip side as that pay goes up it will cause inflation in the prisons "economy".
69adrummer 23 päivää sitten
So, thanks, been binge watching these all afternoon! haha One dumb question: Do you mean actual "stamps" that go on envelopes or is it just what you called them like your "suitcase"? Very fascinating stuff!!
home fresh 19780402
home fresh 19780402 23 päivää sitten
I love making wine I like making things that can make money from almost nothing
home fresh 19780402
home fresh 19780402 23 päivää sitten
Larry Lawton is a good looking guy no wonder he got so many ladies and this is coming from a straight man
ZitraStatnice 23 päivää sitten
Sorry, I am prolly stupid...what's white lightning?
ZitraStatnice 20 päivää sitten
@Gray Moff"A slang word for "Thanks"...
Gray Moff
Gray Moff 20 päivää sitten
@ZitraStatnice what's TA?
ZitraStatnice 21 päivä sitten
@Gray Moff TA
Gray Moff
Gray Moff 21 päivä sitten
Moonshine. Usually corn liquor but they're probably using sugar.
Surplus Division
Surplus Division 24 päivää sitten
I bought those Unicor m65 lines, and resold them.
Slide-Show Sidney
Slide-Show Sidney 24 päivää sitten
What happens if you refuse to work in prison?
edgar garcia
edgar garcia 26 päivää sitten
Dude these videos are so entertaining
Erik Rosenquist
Erik Rosenquist 26 päivää sitten
Larry, you're saving multitudes of people from prison. Your videos are phenomenal.
Timothy Justus
Timothy Justus 26 päivää sitten
Hey mr Larry just wanna say your one of the greatest mentored ever!
Timothy Justus
Timothy Justus 26 päivää sitten
Blake 27 päivää sitten
Steaks and cantaloupe? 😳 That sounds delicious!
Blake 27 päivää sitten
$5.25/month + free room & board. I’d say it’s more like $800 or so total per month.
spectRELM 27 päivää sitten
24:32 Truer words never spoken.
james bendikov
james bendikov 28 päivää sitten
"does it look like i wanna miss fuckin food"
Grovestreetgamers 124
Grovestreetgamers 124 28 päivää sitten
Bio Emiliano
Bio Emiliano 28 päivää sitten
50 DOLLARS FOR A CAP OF WEED!? Damn, that's fucking expensive for such little quantity
Bio Emiliano
Bio Emiliano 28 päivää sitten
The wine was worth less than a nice piece of fruit? Haha
JayLeePoe 28 päivää sitten
It's funny how immediately generous a drug dealer such as that example might be with understanding a guy's at his end and he's checking out. Man's taking a loss to facilitate being a good person in a hard moment.
ruth lee
ruth lee 28 päivää sitten
The worst way to make money is to sell yourself in showers a friend told me.
Pepperoni pizza man
Pepperoni pizza man 28 päivää sitten
3:14 that’s around 18 cents a day if you count a month as 30 days.
James Hood
James Hood 29 päivää sitten
Unicor at Bastrop made $120-$400 a month. The main unicor job was transforming pickups into border patrol vehicles. As the pm head cook, I made $150 a month. I think everywhere is different.
Tuffer 03
Tuffer 03 29 päivää sitten
How do you buy sex? Stamps. Bro i didnt knew female co’s took stamps 😁
Ariel Plaza
Ariel Plaza 29 päivää sitten
My friend Tim is an appellate lawyer out of Ohio. You're absolutely right about scumbag/overworked lawyers screwing people; at least a third of his public defense cases involved filing very basic paperwork that the original lawyers had never bothered with.
Widowsson abif
Widowsson abif Uukausi sitten
Funny! Other officer/cookforeman allowed or gave inmate contraband/food therefore; the officer doing his job by confiscating is a jerk for taking it. Just because one officer is weak and lets inmates take contraband from Food Service doesn't mean every officer should do likewise. An officer should do his job as an officer because of Honor. If there is no Honor in one's service and loyality to those one works for, then one can not be trusted. Mobsters understand the meaning of Honor. When a person violates his code of Honor he pays and when he works as an officer and violate his Honor by introducing contraband or allowing prison violations, he is held accountable.
Kitty Mervine
Kitty Mervine Uukausi sitten
oh the heroin thing broke my heart. So, I'm an idiot...but stamps, like real stamps? Like why stamps? I think it's brilliant, can families send stamps in?
Prestige Games
Prestige Games Uukausi sitten
19:59 😶
Eric Swanson
Eric Swanson Uukausi sitten
I made jewelry and greeting cards in prison. I actually sold jewelry to the guards and the inmates. For the greeting cards, I used to get a bag of coffee or three stamps per card. For the jewelry, it was $20 to $80 per finished piece sent straight to my books.
charliejamz Uukausi sitten
That ending was a really good lesson on how f’d up the system is. Great video as always.
Eric Swanson
Eric Swanson Uukausi sitten
Being clean is a big deal. I had a cellie who wouldn't shower. I asked him nicely twice. Then I pulled him off the bunk and scrubbed him with a dirty toilet brush. He got up every day and showered after that.
Eric Swanson
Eric Swanson Uukausi sitten
When I was doing time, I had a buddy who was a big fat guy. He used to steal cakes from the chow hall and hide them under his fat 😂. This video took me back. Thanks Larry.
Jake Barber
Jake Barber Uukausi sitten
Amazing video! Couldn’t have been better
Buster Biloxi
Buster Biloxi Uukausi sitten
In a real prison the guards have total control and none of these scams would work. Crooked guards enable this shit to happen. My solution: solitary for every single con.
Buster Biloxi
Buster Biloxi Uukausi sitten
How many punks did you have?
Linda Trombley
Linda Trombley Uukausi sitten
Dont understand how you can buy stuff with stamps. Say you wanted to buy shampoo in comissary, how would you do it?
Un Named Channel
Un Named Channel Uukausi sitten
This guy spins a good story but some of the content seems questionable.
Un Named Channel
Un Named Channel Uukausi sitten
Selling them from prison to the outside world. Didnt he say you purchase them for 30c and they are 25c inside? you be loosing money.
Un Named Channel
Un Named Channel Uukausi sitten
Metal detectors will not detect food?
Un Named Channel
Un Named Channel Uukausi sitten
Please don't cut the top of your head off when you film
Un Named Channel
Un Named Channel Uukausi sitten
I wonder if they have somebody to polish scalps in prison. would be good for bald people
Ben 247
Ben 247 Uukausi sitten
Well I could watch football have sex and play cards for the .rest of my life. Sounds like a pipe dream
Wyte CTC
Wyte CTC Uukausi sitten
Did you hear about inmates in feds in Atlanta escaping and coming back daily? Bringing back contraband?
Andrew Mccrossan
Andrew Mccrossan Uukausi sitten
Plus I do love your stuff and you ,"from a social media standpoint, seam to be doing we ll. Good luck with everything!
Andrew Mccrossan
Andrew Mccrossan Uukausi sitten
Anybody can batch on the outside, cause they are not stupid enough to make it to the inside.
angry zergling
angry zergling Uukausi sitten
So in the example of the shakedown hustle, what would happen if the mark refused to pay? Say either they just didn't have the money or flat out refused? Would 'Big Al' follow through on his threat? Maybe fight him and if the mark defended himself decently move on? Or keep at the mark until he was forced to check in?
Rage Or Die Laughing
Rage Or Die Laughing Uukausi sitten
Larry when are you going to do the video about prison weddings I’ve been waiting for it.
Juicy Kebab
Juicy Kebab Uukausi sitten
Larry, it's sounds like you're back in your cell. What is going on with the mic audio?
rob gibbs
rob gibbs Uukausi sitten
My woman gets $0.25 an hour
rob gibbs
rob gibbs Uukausi sitten
I get to pick my woman up tomorrow I'm excited
Andrew Long
Andrew Long Uukausi sitten
Love the honesty man. Nice to see a regular dude actually acknowledging the sex hustle in jail lol
CitizenLach Uukausi sitten
I am pretty good at drawing naked women. I always thought I could sell porn if I ever went to prison. Is that a thing that happens?
Monad Mantis
Monad Mantis Uukausi sitten
This is an amazing FIpost channel, I just binge watched like half of your videos in one weekend (subscribed!). I bet you'd be surprised if you'd been told in the midst of your prison sentence that one day these experiences would make you a famous FIpost star with almost a million subscribers!
Jared Ronkos
Jared Ronkos Uukausi sitten
Loved this video as always. Anyone know the name of the 60 minutes documentary. I can't find it.
Mom Uukausi sitten
What about the ramen dollar?
BloBby Uukausi sitten
"Its not like money you have in your pocket" I wish i had money in my pocket
BORN MUSH Uukausi sitten
what about the poker hustle lar ?
Ken Scialoia
Ken Scialoia Uukausi sitten
Larry your shirt is wrong , there are some bad people also. You should know this.
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden Uukausi sitten
"when you go to the store".... In prison?.. what store??
ATLbench Uukausi sitten
Store box. Special Inmates run “stores” from their cell.
Jon Farga
Jon Farga Uukausi sitten
Thomas G
Thomas G Uukausi sitten
Hey Larry what about the dudes that did "Arts and Crafts" hustles? The artists that make knick-knacks from bread or electronic parts? Or how about the picture frames made from cigarette boxs, jewelry boxes from popsicle sticks? Any money in that?
Johnny Roma
Johnny Roma Uukausi sitten
Why do you keep giving out so much information. You are screwing the guys that is still in there.
Eric Belinc
Eric Belinc Uukausi sitten
30 days in the hole..... Good song.
Shawn Thumm
Shawn Thumm Uukausi sitten
You are a muppet for all others
V T Uukausi sitten
Working for $5 a month basically sounds like slavery to me
Tyler MacDonald
Tyler MacDonald Uukausi sitten
It may be in the comments below, but when the INTRO clip is eventually put into context later and you were gratefully satisfied at that it was EVEN BETTER than what you anticipated! 20 years navy here and 10 years of that at sea on an Aircraft Carrier here...We can actually relate! May God continue to Bless you!
Adam Rodgers
Adam Rodgers Uukausi sitten
I first used charity and used drawings to get items I needed, then started crafting to get more items. I had legal money on the outside from working labour but didn't know how to access till a few months later. When I learned that then I was golden. I shared though, I'd give guys stuff if they had absolutely nothing to help them out at the start. Sh*t was cheap to buy.
Jackie Uukausi sitten
Nick Da Editor !?
Nick Da Editor !? Uukausi sitten
Would love to see Larry's law school
Равиль Мухаметзянов
Равиль Мухаметзянов Uukausi sitten
Ларри доброго времени суток! Разреши ребятам с deevan games и дальше озвучивать твои видео!! Очень интересно было смотреть
Tyler Fink
Tyler Fink Uukausi sitten
Damn bro! 6 Cantaloupes
Tacoma 55
Tacoma 55 Uukausi sitten
I could listen to Larry all day. That New York accent is bad ass. 👍
Anthony Alvarado
Anthony Alvarado Uukausi sitten
3:10 You shouldn't be such an idiot larry you were in prison, these people trying to make a living on $10 an hour have Bills to pay
HimAgain Uukausi sitten
I had a job in "Clothing&Issue". I would walk out of there with brand new whites(socks,boxers,teeshirts). I never wanted for anything, lol. I also had the list of all new inmates every Tue. Guys would come by the window and we would hold the list up so they could see who was coming in, for what, from where etc... I also wrote people's G.E.D essays.
Ask the Holy Google
Ask the Holy Google Uukausi sitten
Don’t tell em im watching this in prison atm
The Corrupt Author
The Corrupt Author Uukausi sitten
I have to send you a copy of my novel - "Corrupt Officer's Guide to Money." About C/Os bringing in contraband
TheOutsider Jess
TheOutsider Jess Uukausi sitten
While I feel like violence is the last resort if I was in your position Larry I would have done the same thing just because we're in prison doesn't mean we shouldn't be considerate
SПАРТА Uukausi sitten
Larry, you probably know the DeeVan games channel, that they tried to contact you agree on the translation of your content into Russian, but you refused. Can you reconsider your decision?
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